Azure container monitoring

Monitor Kubernetes, Docker and DC/OS containers in highly dynamic Azure environments

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Azure container monitoring screenshot
Azure container monitoring screenshot

What is Azure Container Service (AKS)?

Azure Container Service lets you pick your preferred open-source container technologies in an optimized Azure hosting environment. Supported are:

With Azure Container Service setting up clusters is just a matter of a few clicks or API calls. The more sophisticated your environment is, the more you’ll benefit from Dynatrace. Click the links above for more information.

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Container monitoring done right

Dynatrace is the only monitoring solution engineered to automatically detect and instrument all containers as they spin up without modifying images or manual configuration.

  • Easy deployment: Don’t bother with instrumenting every single container. Dynatrace OneAgent discovers all containers automatically and starts monitoring them with zero manual configuration.

  • Inside view: Dynatrace goes beyond monitoring the container. It tells you the true health of all the services running inside.

  • Root cause detection: Dynatrace uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies. Instead of sending you a plethora of alerts Dynatrace automatically identifies the underlying root cause.

  • Network health: In a microservice based environment the health of an app depends heavily on the health of the network. Dynatrace is the only solution that pinpoints issues related  to network transmission or connectivity.

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