Dynatrace Platform Extension Services

Extends Dynatrace into your environment with the power of the Dynatrace OneAgent technology. Reduce cost, increase the speed at which you operate, and increase the visibility into your technology stack.

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Dynatrace Platform Extensions

  • Out of the box

Extend Dynatrace into your ecosystem

Get visibility into your ecosystem at inflection points critical to your performance.

  • Experts

Minimize development costs

Focus your development efforts on your applications and allow Dynatrace to build your integrations.

  • Brain bulb

Deploy at scale

Operate quicker, and with better efficiency by engaging the Dynatrace team to assist.

  • Acceleration

Customized monitoring

Adapt your monitoring to your ecosystem, and not the other way around.

ITSM Process Integration

  • Integrate Dynatrace into your ITSM products such as ServiceNow and Cherwell
  • Enhance the value from your Incident Management and Change Management processes.

ITSM Process Integration


AI-Powered Ingestion & Analysis

Feed your 3rd party data sources, such as DataPower and F5, into Dynatrace to extend the power of Dynatrace AI

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Custom Instrumentation & Transaction Tracing

Extend Dynatrace visibility into environments that require custom instrumentation

  • IoT platforms
  • Cloud services



Cloud Automation Integration

Automate your environment by integrating Dynatrace into your PaaS and orchestration services