Dynatrace Perform 2022 delivers software intelligence as code, real-time attack blocking

At Dynatrace Perform 2022, Dynatrace announced a series of new capabilities and enhancements, including software intelligence as code and realt-time automatic detection and blocking of critical vulnerabilities.

For operations, development and security teams, the pressure to deliver better, more secure software faster has never been more critical for business value. Modern observability that helps teams securely regain control of complex, dynamic, ever-expanding cloud environments can be game-changing. At Dynatrace Perform 2022 in February, the theme was “Empowering the game changers.”

At the conference, Dynatrace made several announcements to empower its game-changing community of engineers, developers and security pros.

Dynatrace Delivers Software Intelligence as Code

With this announcement, Dynatrace delivers software intelligence as code, including broad and deep observability, application security, and advanced AIOps (or AI for operations) capabilities. These enhancements help development teams bring higher quality and more secure innovations to market faster and with greater efficiency.

“We now have software intelligence as-code as a key observability watchtower and control room to direct, drive and deliver,” wrote Adrian Bridgewater in Forbes.

Dynatrace Delivers Most Complete Observability for Multicloud Serverless Architectures

Dynatrace has extended the platform’s deep and broad observability and advanced AIOps capabilities to all major serverless architectures. In addition to existing support for AWS Lambda, this expansion includes Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, as well as managed Kubernetes environments, messaging queues, and cloud databases across all major cloud providers.

“DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can automatically analyze, troubleshoot and optimize serverless applications to drive innovation at scale,” wrote Adrian Bridgewater in Computer Weekly.

Dynatrace Advances Application Security with Real-Time Attack Detection and Blocking

Dynatrace has also enhanced its Application Security Module to provide real-time, automatic attack detection and blocking to protect against injection attacks that exploit critical vulnerabilities, such as Log4Shell. This builds on existing capabilities, which include automatic detection of runtime vulnerabilities in cloud-native applications and container workloads.

 The enhancement “help(s) companies protect their apps in real time, but also accelerate DevSecOps automation, allowing their teams to increase the security of their digital services and accelerate throughput,” explained DevOps Digest.

Dynatrace Launches DevSecOps Automation Alliance Partner Program

To further enhance integrations, Dynatrace has launched its DevSecOps Automation Partner Program, combining leading partner solutions – including Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, and GitLab, among many others – with Dynatrace’s observability, application security, and AIOps capabilities. With just a few clicks, teams can combine partner solutions with Dynatrace to exploit the platform’s broad observability, run-time application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities. “What we wanted to do with partners is create a closed-loop automation program,” said Steve Tack, Dynatrace senior vice president of products in CRN. “(Customers) are not doing the duct-tape-together; they’re not doing simple actions. They’re really getting more of a system.”​

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