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Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now also supported on Ubuntu 20

Just because all your web applications are accessible from your office and run great on your laptop doesn’t mean that your customers around the world and your colleagues in other company offices around the globe are having the same experience with them. With almost 100 public locations worldwide, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring enables 24/7 measurement of the availability and performance of your applications as experienced by your customers and coworkers worldwide. Whenever a monitor execution fails and triggers your outage rules, Dynatrace immediately generates a problem and notifies the assigned application owner. Moreover, you can also incorporate Synthetic Monitoring results into AI-powered root-cause detection with the Dynatrace Davis AI causation engine.

But what if you want to monitor internal applications that aren’t available publicly but are only accessible within your corporate network? With Dynatrace private Synthetic locations, we make the monitoring of internal applications easy! You can deploy private Synthetic locations at various points within your company network and then execute monitors from them.

Today we’re delighted to announce support for private Synthetic locations on Ubuntu 20 with ActiveGate version 1.209.

Get started easily on a new Linux distribution

Each private Synthetic location is built of one or more components called Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates. More than 50% of the Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates used by our customers are deployed on Linux servers.

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, up-to-date platforms are critical to assuring the safe and frictionless execution of software. That’s why we consider it our mission to support new versions of the most popular Linux distributions. And in that spirit, Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates are now supported on Ubuntu 20.

As is standard, automatic installation of Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates is now also supported on Ubuntu 20. In fact, the installation procedure for Ubuntu 20 looks exactly the same as it does for Ubuntu 16 and 18.

UI for Synthetic-enabled ActiveGate installation on Linux

With this addition, we’re now more flexible, and the family of operating systems on which you can deploy Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates is even larger.

Try it out for yourself

You can start monitoring the availability and performance of your applications now. Try Dynatrace by starting your free trial today.

What’s next

Stay tuned for more upcoming improvements related to private synthetic monitoring. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on:

  • Support for Amazon Linux 2 and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 15
  • Reporting on the utilization of private locations
  • …and much more!