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Optimize modern web applications with automatic insights into pages and page groups

Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are now the de facto standard for building modern web applications. Among other things, this means that end users don't always trigger full page reloads when they navigate from one page to another.

As one of the first platforms to tackle the challenges of monitoring Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Applications, Dynatrace is a pioneer in meaningful performance monitoring of modern web applications. Now, we’re happy to announce that we can further improve the way you monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot your modern web applications.

With an automatic approach to analyzing pages and page groups, Dynatrace now provides the full performance story of your applications and makes it easy for you to deliver the best user experience possible to your customers.

Dynatrace is the only monitoring solution that automatically provides insights into loaded pages and page groups at a glance, helping you to find answers to questions like:

  • How many people looked at a given page, in how many sessions, and how did their usage break down in terms of browsers and locations?
    Leverage the automatic browser or location breakdown.
  • What was the experience of those users with the given page or page group?
    Use the Apdex rating card, which aggregates all of your application’s user-action Apdex ratings for the given page or page group.
  • How fast does my page load initially versus how fast do my route changes happen?
    On the Performance card, see how your page or page group performs over time and use the Perform waterfall analysis button to get down to the details.
  • Are there any slow backend requests?
    See your application’s top service requests out-of-the-box.
  • How many errors (and which errors) do my users experience on that page?
    Investigate the automatically identified top errors and drill down to error details.
  • What’s captured on that page?
    User action properties provide the insights you need.

Answer performance, troubleshooting, and behavioral questions for pages and page groups

One click gets you to either a single page or a page-group detail page that includes automatic insights that you can use to answer the above questions.

With our new approach to analyzing pages and page groups, Dynatrace delivers deeper and smarter insights with less effort:

  • Leverage automatic grouping and extended performance information: Dynatrace identifies pages and page groups and provides performance details on both these levels, out of the box, no setup effort necessary.
  • Use additional context during your analysis: Leverage the relationships between pages / page groups and other entities like user actions and errors to better find, filter, and aggregate your end user’s experience, performance information, and all troubleshooting relevant information.

Deeply analyze soft-navigation performance in three clicks

Modern web applications use a router component, which fetches only the additional resources that are needed to construct a new page asynchronously. Soft navigations (in other words, “in-page” navigations) are therefore also called “route changes” and reuse already loaded and rendered HTML structures like your page navigation controls for efficiency and a smoother experience.

Seeing and telling the full story of how your pages perform, including such route changes—beyond what tools like WebPageTest or PageSpeed Insights can reveal—is easy with Dynatrace and requires zero configuration.

1. With one click in our Multidimensional analysis view you can set focus on route changes for individual pages or page groups.

2. By drilling deeper you get detailed information on performance.

3. For performance optimization, a third click brings you to Waterfall analysis view where you can analyze the underlying actions of the route change for this page. Here you can put detailed performance and error information into context.

Get started now

With the release of Dynatrace version 1.214 you get immediate access to the latest and greatest capabilities for optimizing modern web applications. Go to Applications, select your application, and look for the Top 3 pages section on the application overview page. There you’ll find tabs for Pages and Page groups.

For more information, including how to customize automatic grouping via our JavaScript API, please visit our documentation.

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