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Dynatrace scales up Real User Monitoring to meet your digital touchpoint monitoring needs

Improved PHP monitoring with even less overhead!

Dynatrace HTTP monitors go multi-request, leaving no API unmonitored!

Discover frustrating user experiences with automatic rage click detection

Elevate your dashboards with the new Dynatrace metrics framework

Integrate Dynatrace more easily using the new Metrics REST API

Reporting at scale leveraging cross-environment dashboards (Preview)

Public Synthetic monitoring locations keep growing in number!

Get more value out of Dynatrace with in-product news links

Breaking down barriers: IBM MQ tracing across queue managers and queue clusters

Increased accuracy for Visually complete and Speed index—measurements may be impacted

Announcing new and super fast Android auto-instrumentation (Preview)

Introducing the Citrix NetScaler ActiveGate monitoring extension

Availability monitoring with synthetic browser monitors from within your corporate network

Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.170

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.169

Get automated full-stack visibility into containerd-based Kubernetes environments

New filtering capabilities for large service lists in your monitoring environment

USQL goes GA! Data-driven decisions with powerful queries and advanced dashboarding

Distributed tracing with W3C Trace Context for improved end-to-end visibility (Early Adopter Release)

Fine-grained event filters within alerting profiles

There are no secrets that time doesn’t reveal—how to use the token management API to rotate your secrets!

Custom metrics for services enrich Dynatrace AI and dashboarding capabilities (Preview)

Enrich real user session analysis with business and domain data by leveraging session properties