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Keeping data in India with AI-powered observability operated on AWS Mumbai

Recently, the Parliament of India released the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, which regulates the processing of digital personal data in India and recognizes the right of individuals to protect their data in India. As of October 2023, the Dynatrace® platform is available on AWS in Mumbai, enabling customers to maintain a local SaaS presence in India. This means that Dynatrace customers in India can keep the data of their customers and end users in India and benefit from a comprehensive set of features that support data privacy and security.

The move to SaaS and data residency in local markets

Dynatrace operates its AI-powered unified platform for observability, security, and business analytics as a SaaS solution across the globe. As a SaaS vendor, Dynatrace carefully manages its deployments across different regions, assuring the efficient and optimal use of infrastructure to serve and support Dynatrace platform customers. Dynatrace is already supported in 17 local regions on three hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, and GCP).

Dynatrace is constantly evaluating the further expansion of its regional presence of Dynatrace SaaS. Dynatrace is assessing the regulations and special requirements for customers in potential new regions. A special focus is given to data residency and local regulations for security and privacy, as these are critical drivers for customers demanding the use of a SaaS solution from a specific region. Having a local region available is often an essential factor when customers consider upgrading from an on-premises solution to a SaaS-hosted solution. Based on commercial viability, Dynatrace is extending its regional presence to enable the use of its AI-powered SaaS platform by customers in these new regions.

AWS Mumbai addresses data residency requirements for customers in India

In August 2023, the Indian parliament released the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, which provides further guidance and regulation for companies in India consuming SaaS services.

In preparation for extending the regional presence of the Dynatrace platform, Dynatrace carefully analyzed the new requirements and discussed them with some of our Indian customers. We identified the following requirements for customers that necessitate hosting the Dynatrace platform in India:

  1. Legal regulations. Leveraging the Dynatrace services operated from AWS Mumbai resolves most of the data residency needs that Indian customers might need to fulfill due to the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. Furthermore, Dynatrace provides a comprehensive set of features, such as masking capabilities to exclude data from being collected or stored by Dynatrace, granular access controls, configurable retention periods, and more to allow fine-tuning of Dynatrace to meet the security and privacy needs of customers.
  2. Obligations to end users while moving to SaaS. Banking and finance customers in India, as well as customers who operate on-premises solutions and are now modernizing their application landscapes by moving to SaaS solutions, face existing obligations from their end users to maintain all user data in India.

Since October 2023, the Dynatrace AI-powered observability platform has been available in the AWS Mumbai region of India.

“At Dynatrace, we enable customers to meet their data residency requirements, starting with our customers selecting the preferred location of their tenants. Expanding our regional presence to AWS Mumbai enables our customers in India to leverage the latest Dynatrace technologies to accelerate their digital transformation while meeting their strict data residency requirements”, said Donald Ferguson, Chair of the Privacy Office at Dynatrace.

Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in AWS Mumbai

If you’re an existing Dynatrace customer, please get in touch with us to learn how to best upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS in AWS Mumbai. Dynatrace offers a comprehensive set of services to upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS. An overview of how to upgrade to Dynatrace is available in our guide, Upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS.

Get started with the AI-powered Dynatrace platform in AWS Mumbai

If you want to try out Dynatrace in AWS Mumbai, or you want to learn more about the Dynatrace AI-powered observability platform, check out the Dynatrace website or contact us for further information.