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Identify issues faster with enhanced visibility into your TIBCO EMS resources (Preview)

One key requirement of a microservices architecture is the ability to make information of all kinds available wherever and whenever it’s needed, without putting undue traffic on corporate and public networks. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) is a standards-based messaging solution that can serve as the backbone of any microservices architecture by providing Java Message Service (JMS) compliant communications across a wide range of platforms and application technologies.

Dynatrace OneAgent has been able to detect TIBCO EMS processes out-of-the-box for some time already. However, so far it didn’t provide technology-specific metrics such as queue depth or number of consumers. With our new TIBCO EMS extension you can further enrich this information and see, for example, how many messages are getting stuck or how many messages went through the system. And when problems occur, you can easily drill down into the metrics of individual nodes to find the root causes of problems and potential bottlenecks.

Apply Davis® AI to your TIBCO EMS servers

With the TIBCO EMS extension, Dynatrace AI incorporates relevant metrics into its analysis landscape and lets you know when the root cause of a problem relates to metric that was acquired from TIBCO EMS. With this invaluable information you can remediate production issues much faster.

For example, you can create your own dashboard in minutes:

What you get

The TIBCO EMS extension detects multiple TIBCO EMS instances and gathers information from each of them. It can connect with or without SSL for more secure deployments. Once it’s configured, you can easily define custom alerts to notify your Operations team of any issues, such as queues filling up.

The extension captures global broker-level information under the new TIBCO EMS tab (see below).

On the Further details tab, you’ll find metrics for specific queues and topics.

Captured Metrics


Queue Depth

Queue pending message size

Queue receiver count

Queue inbound message rate

Queue inbound message size rate

Queue outbound message rate

Queue outbound message size rate


Topic message depth

Topic message Size

Topic inbound message rate

Topic inbound message size rate

Topic outbound message rate,

Topic outbound message size rate

General information

Topics count

Queues count

Clients count

Sessions count

Producers count

Consumers count

Pending messages count

Pending messages size

Memory usage

Memory pooled

Synchronous storage size

Async storage size

Inbound message size rate

Inbound message count rate

Outbound message size rate

Outbound message count rate

Storage read size rate

Storage read count rate

Storage write size rate

Storage write count rate

Instance status


  • Tibco EMS 8.0+ on Windows or Linux
  • OneAgent version 1.171+
  • The dtuser account must be able to execute tibemsadmin
  • A tibco account with sufficient rights to execute show commands via tibemsadmin

Known limitations

The extension can currently monitor up to 100 queues and 100 topics maximum per monitored host. You can use the Exclusion list on the configuration page to remove unnecessary queues and topics.

Interested in participating in the Preview?

If you’re interested in the Preview, and your environment meets the requirements, please complete the enrollment form.

For additional information about the Preview, please email the Platform Extensions team.