A Forward Look to Tech Performance in 2016

In 2016 history will repeat itself, but perhaps with a new audience this time around. Development and Operations groups have been transforming culturally to adapt to infinitely increasing customer expectations FOR business teams but not WITH them. Finally, with the tools available to foster collaboration across these groups in a common language, the most mature organizations will begin to practice digital performance management, an evolution of APM. Together, these three groups – business, IT ops and dev – will innovate faster, cut through complexity and deliver better customer experiences.

If you’ve ever read or seen Daniel Burrus’ work about making predictions, you’ll understand his concept of separating hard and soft trends. If your predictions are based on absolute certainties (hard trends), your ability to plan comes with a much higher effectiveness rate. They aren’t really predictions at all when you look at it this way.

Daniel Burrus at Dynatrace Perform 2015

Measurable, tangible, and fully predictable facts or “hard trends” for 2016 are:

  1. Businesses must deliver great customer experiences to survive.
  2. Businesses need both qualitative AND quantitative customer experience metrics to make accurate decisions.
  3. Businesses need to collaborate internally to succeed.

How business execute on these items are the soft trends and align with my predictions stated earlier. Digital Marketing groups have seen a peak in the available functionality of top Customer Experience Management and Digital Experience Platforms while Development and Operations groups on the IT side have seen similar saturation of Application Performance Management options.

Neither solution is perfect and both have the same problems!

I look forward to 2016, and am optimistic about correlations and eventual integrations that will happen across analytics when they are shared by these two sides of the house. Businesses will reach their goals with greater efficiency, once they achieve alignment of quantitative business analytics that come with Customer Experience Solutions and quantitative IT analytics that come with Application Performance Management solutions. When this happens, customers will also get more of what they want — when they want it — better than ever before.

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