Partner Spotlight: end-to-end data flow across the entire enterprise with ZigiWave and Dynatrace

Welcome to the third edition of Dynatrace Partner Spotlight! This month we’re presenting ZigiWave – the company behind ZigiOps, the software that allows enterprises to share relevant data seamlessly between their management systems.

Data management is becoming hard, as IT complexity grows.

Expanding IT systems can lead to extreme data management challenges and major headaches for any organization. Integrating diverse data stores on multiple platforms for many systems requires extensive knowledge of the data management platform, different APIs, and different types of data stores. Otherwise, the systems based on these platforms may fail at scale. The idea of a systems management solution is to standardize the communication channels between different tools and make data exchange easy.

“We’ll keep this simple.”

Operating under the Do IT Wise brand for years, ZigiWave’s founders have been delivering integration products to the biggest enterprises in the world. Over the years, however, they realized that simply chaining tools together is not enough. Business processes and operations in today’s enterprises need to be radically simplified. And that’s when they found their calling: to develop the sleek, scalable, easily implementable ZigiOps system.

ZigiOps: end-to-end data flow across the entire enterprise, with just a few steps.

ZigiOps is an all-inclusive, customizable system that connects the individual roles of a company’s technology systems. By unifying data sources, ZigiOps acts as a mediator between software tools and their users, creating complex workflows between multiple sources and targets. This standardization makes data exchange easy and efficient. The simple and comprehensive UI allows users to shape the data through custom mappings, regular expressions, and conditions. This ultimately results in a transparent, end-to-end overview of the entire business and its various processes.

The ZigiWave & Dynatrace partnership

With Dynatrace customers gain real time visibility into their entire technology stack and get to the root cause in seconds. The problems detected by Dynatrace can automatically trigger issues, bugs or stories in JIRA and other DevOps tools. This helps eliminate disruption to the business and proactively resolve issues before impacting customers.

One of our joint customers, a major telco company is using Dynatrace for detecting potential problems, automatic discovery of dependencies, root cause analysis and business impact. Dynatrace is not the only tool they rely on, however. To automate the dataflow through Dynatrace, Micro Focus Ops Bridge and ServiceNow, they implemented ZigiOps.

The discovered Dynatrace application data (topology, metrics and events) goes to Ops Bridge, which is acting as a Manager of Managers for the whole ITOM environment. Once all the data is combined from all sources, new incidents are created in ServiceNow. These incidents are bidirectionally synchronized with the source events, so all the parties are always up-to-date. Additionally, the ServiceNow changes trigger downtime events in Ops Bridge, which prevents many false alerts to be created.

The central event management console, together with the automated Service and Change management processes results in a very advanced CMDB deployment, leading to a more than 30% lower MTTR.

Wrapping up

Expanding IT systems can lead to extreme data management challenges for any organization. System management solutions are a great way to standardize the communication channels between different tools and make data exchange easy. We at Dynatrace are happy to be partners with ZigiWave, and to support our joint customers in enabling an end-to-end data flow across their entire enterprise, with just a few steps.