Create and monitor custom user actions

Sprint 66 brings a cool new feature that helps you get the most from your real user monitoring. You can now create and monitor your own custom user actions using a simple JavaScript API.

To create and monitor custom user actions:

  1. Update OneAgent to version 1.65x or greater.
  2. Go to Settings > Real user monitoring > Custom user actions.
  3. Click the Download JavaScript API button to download a small library, ruxitAPI.js.
  4. Add this library to your application’s pages.
  5. Use the API to add custom actions or to report back custom JavaScript errors.
    Also included in the zip-file are samples and the API documentation.
  6. Once enabled, you’ll see your custom user actions listed in the Top consumers list on each application page.

Sample use cases for the JavaScript API:

  • Measure specific aspects of a page-rendering process or measure client-side only JavaScript executions. For example, you might want to know the time measure of a specific block with some JavaScript elements in it, like a header or menu.
  • Change a default user action name that doesn’t meet you needs—use the API to give the action a different name.
  • Explicitly measure the performance of specific third-party content providers or CDNs.
  • Intentionally throw JavaScript application errors (with wrong input data, for example)
  • Measure certain page actions that aren’t auto-detected by Dynatrace.