Atlassian Bitbucket cloud solution

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Atlassian Bitbucket cloud solution screenshot
Atlassian Bitbucket cloud solution screenshot

Dynatrace and Atlassian Bitbucket

Atlassian Bitbucket represents a lightweight and very convenient way of building your own continuous delivery (CI) pipeline. As the name already suggests, Bitbucket pipelines comes as an integrated continuous deployment feature within the Atlassian Bitbucket cloud solution. Pipelines allows Bitbucket customers to build, test and deploy directly out of your Bitbucket project repository.

Atlassian tools advantages

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Dynatrace combined with continuous deployment pipeline

Dynatrace as the most advanced monitoring platform perfectly integrates into any continuous deployment pipeline by providing real-time feedback about all deployed project artifacts. No matter if your Bitbucket pipeline triggered a load test or just deployed a new project artifact into production, Dynatrace immediately provides the real-time monitoring data. As Bitbucket pipelines is built entirely upon build scripts, it’s easy to integrate Dynatrace into each deployment or test step by using the Dynatrace REST API. The following screenshot shows how a typical Bitbucket pipeline project repository looks like, including a custom shell script for pushing a deployment event over to Dynatrace.

Bitbucket project repository

Dynatrace combined with continuous deployment pipeline

Environment variables added on the repository level can be accessed by any users with push permissions in the repository.

Use the Bitbucket repository environment variables to secure your Dynatrace API token, as shown on the screenshot.

Bitbucket pipelines environment variables

Deployment information in your Dynatrace monitoring system

Use the Dynatrace API to fetch real-time metrics from the Dynatrace Timeseries API after a deployment.

Additionally, you can use a custom shell or curl script to attach important deployment information directly into your Dynatrace application performance monitoring system.

Dynatrace monitoring system deployment

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