Complement and enhance the value of Adobe Analytics

Bring shared business context from Adobe Analytics into Dynatrace to get real-time, precise answers to exactly why business KPIs are underperforming.

Understand the impact of technology on business KPIs like conversions, revenue, and engagement

Get full-stack analytics by tying together application, performance, user experience, and infrastructure data to business metrics with Dynatrace to understand exactly why anomalies seen in Adobe are occurring.

Adobe dashboard analytics
  • Instantly get to WHY

    Real-time answers in Dynatrace to understand exactly why key business goals or specific customer segments are underperforming
  • One common language

    Share business context like page names and customer segments, straight from props and eVars already set up in Adobe
  • Be proactive

    Empower IT to take early action with alerts and visibility into how the business sees their world in Adobe, straight from Dynatrace

Out-of-the-box, one-time setup to start driving IT-Business collaboration for better business outcomes

  • One click to enable Adobe properties to be used across Dynatrace, like Adobe Experience Cloud ID, Page Name, URL, Campaign ID, and Transaction ID
  • Search for specific users, filter on pages or segments, visually replay problematic user sessions—all with Adobe terminology
  • Share business dashboards with your business stakeholders for specific applications, customer segments, conversion funnels, or user experience metrics
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Explore the possibilities of Adobe Analytics with Dynatrace

  • Web Analytics Causation - Instantly determine the precise root cause of business anomalies and underperforming KPIs seen in Adobe
  • Website Conversions - Track KPI’s across business milestones and conversion funnels with associated abandons, errors, and response time for both known and unknown visitors
  • Customer Segmentation - Query, isolate, and drill-down within specific customer segments defined in Adobe to quantify the impact of issues on your highest value customers
  • Web Release Validation - Measure and validate that new versions of your website and new features are achieving the expected business goals
  • Campaign Effectiveness - Determine the impact of technical issues or 3rd party services on digital campaigns to optimize their performance
  • Session Troubleshooting - Share and pinpoint individual user sessions using Adobe Experience Cloud ID and visually replay those specific sessions to understand the impact on real users
  • Traffic Sources - Determine whether specific traffic sources are causing more than issues than others across direct, social, email, campaigns, paid, organic sources