Ansible integration

Integrate insightful end-to-end monitoring into every part of your enterprise application in under 60 seconds

Empower your team to get things done more effectively

Dynatrace provides teams across the enterprise—from developers, to operations, to business owners—with a common set of metrics and dashboards that everyone can understand and reference.

With our Ansible integration you can roll your own playbook for integrating insightful end-to-end monitoring with Dynatrace into every part of your enterprise application in under 60 seconds.

Customize dashboards to provide actionable data to developers, testers, architects, DevOps, and business owners—all from the same dataset.
Fully automate Dynatrace via our REST APIs.
One-click instrumentation and metrics generation, even from your IDE.

The value of automated application monitoring

End-to-end monitoring for enterprise applications can easily be automated. Not only does automation produce deterministic and consistent outcomes in huge environments, it can also save you a lot of time. Dynatrace offers Ansible roles for the installation of and integration with all our products.

Find our Ansible deployment automation scripts on our Dynatrace GitHub Organization and on Ansible Galaxy

Accelerate your pipeline with fact-based feedback loops

Deploying with the speed of the digital marketplace requires an automated delivery pipeline. Dynatrace tracks all key technical metrics from each developer workstation all the way through CI/CD into Ops. Through fact-based feedback, you can stop faulty builds before they reach production and start deploying software faster at higher quality.

  • Identify bad code changes before executing GIT COMMIT in your IDE
  • Stop broken builds earlier in your delivery pipeline
  • Detect architectural regressions with automated tests
  • Deploy with confidence
Dynatrace automatically detects common architectural, scalability, and performance problems.
Identify and stop faulty builds and poor quality trends earlier in your pipeline.
Embed Dynatrace with your IDE and stop bad-code commits.

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