Enhanced global Time frame selector functionality

It’s been about a year since we first introduced the Time frame selector feature in Dynatrace (available in the menu bar of most Dynatrace pages). The Time frame selector enables you to select a specific analysis time frame that remains persistent across all product pages and views as you navigate through your analysis. This is an extremely helpful feature for analyzing issues that affect multiple aspects of your environment. Thanks… read more

Delivering Voice-Enabled Dashboards in a Monitoring-Redefined World

A long time ago, in a datacenter far, far away, application landscapes were easy to visualize, dependencies were simple and free of complexity, and management of these applications was straightforward. Operation teams had dashboards monitoring metrics like CPU, memory, disk, etc. Mission control rooms were staffed with operators that relied on these dashboards to tell them the overall health of their applications. Since most application landscapes were simple (i.e. load… read more

Optimize your dashboard with new filters and custom charts

With the latest release of Dynatrace, we’ve introduced a new way to configure custom charts that makes dashboard creation easier and more intuitive. We’ve also introduced a valuable new type of dashboard tile called a “blinking light” tile. Create custom charts Custom charts enable you to analyze any combination of monitoring metrics directly on your dashboard. To create a custom chart Select Create custom chart from the navigation menu. Alternatively, you… read more

Use filtering to build more effective dashboards and charts

Dynatrace has taken a major step forward in its charting and dashboarding capabilities! We’ve introduced powerful new filtering options that enable you to set up custom dashboards in support of the unique monitoring needs of individual teams. Your teams can now focus on the specific hosts, applications, and/or services that are relevant to their work. We’ve also introduced new charting options that enable you to build custom charts that focus… read more

Introducing the Time frame selector

A long-awaited feature is finally here! In combination with our new support for multiple dashboards, a globally available Time frame selector is now also available. As this is the first release of the Time frame selector, support is currently limited to dashboards and other key pages. The Time frame selector will eventually be available application-wide. You’ll find the Time frame selector in the upper-right corner of all pages that support time… read more

Create and share custom dashboards!

Dynatrace custom dashboards can now be cloned and shared. Time-frame selection and support for simultaneous use of multiple dashboards are now also available. Different needs, different dashboards Modern digital businesses are application-based. Businesses rely on applications to deliver services and to automate and optimize sales, marketing, customer relations, and more. The thing is, every application is different. They feature varying components, resources, connected services, and infrastructure deployments. Not to mention, every application… read more

7-minute-workout: How app-centric dashboards save the day

Most Ruxit customers host multiple applications on their infrastructure. They range from “applications” that are as simple as basic Internet/Intranet presence to complex “Platform as a service” (PaaS) environments. From time to time, we come across a customer’s use of Ruxit that is so innovative and powerful, we just have to share it with you. PaaS(es) for the masses! One of our earliest customers offers an e-commerce Paas-solution. Their environment… read more