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Organizations rely on Microsoft SharePoint to support collaboration and work more efficiently. But overtime, SharePoint performance may start to wane due to inadequate planning or design of the information architecture, improper configuration settings, or for other reasons. At the same time, with the introduction of custom code, third-party applications, and other add-ons, the SharePoint environment becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and manage—and troubleshooting of SharePoint performance problems requires greater investments of time and energy.

With the right SharePoint monitoring solution however, your company can overcome the complexities of your SharePoint deployment and achieve the visibility you need to find and fix performance issues faster, improving the efficiency of SharePoint processes and the productivity of your users.

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Improving SharePoint performance and stability with diagnostic and monitoring tools

In order to optimize SharePoint performance, you’ll want to start by making sure that your users are adequately trained to work with the SharePoint platform—and that your administrators are ready to help when problems arise. Improper deployment of Web Parts, for example, can lead to bloated SharePoint pages and overloaded installations, resulting in poor usability, unstable performance, and user frustration.

After training your users, you’ll want to use various browser-based diagnostic tools and SharePoint monitoring tools—or a comprehensive SharePoint performance monitoring solution like Dynatrace—to collect data on key performance metrics and gain insight into the user experience of your SharePoint solutions. This makes it easier for your teams to:

Optimize SharePoint performance with Dynatrace Application Monitoring and user experience management

Leveraging our knowledge on SharePoint environments and expertise in complex enterprise application management, including .NET performance and SAP monitoring, we have created a SharePoint performance monitoring solution that provides you with a complete view of the SharePoint ecosystem.

With Dynatrace, your teams can monitor all aspects of your SharePoint deployment, validating the health of every system and component—and user complaints—from a single pane of glass. Integrating our powerful end user, application, and web application performance monitoring capabilities, our solution lets you trace the flow of individual SharePoint transactions from the user client to your backend servers, exposing integration points and bottlenecks in the application architecture.

Drill down to the specific technical details of errors, exceptions, and slow executions to take the necessary corrective measures to optimize SharePoint performance. And closely monitor users’ experiences so you can proactively support their SharePoint workflows and maximize user productivity.

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