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If getting users to adopt Microsoft SharePoint applications is a challenge for your organization, SharePoint monitoring may be the solution you’re looking for. SharePoint applications can be frustrating for users when performance is below par. SharePoint monitoring can help your administrators and IT operations teams quickly troubleshoot and repair SharePoint performance issues that degrade the user experience and hinder user adoption.

Due to the distributed nature of SharePoint deployments and the interdependencies between various components and services, isolating the root cause(s) of slowdowns, bottlenecks, and exceptions is a challenge. But with a powerful SharePoint monitoring solution in place, your teams can resolve performance issues faster, improve the efficiency of your SharePoint processes, and help your users stay engaged and productive.

sharepoint monitoring

sharepoint monitoring dashboard

Implementing SharePoint monitoring to optimize SharePoint performance and boost user adoption

Even if you act in accord with best practices for designing and managing the information architecture of your SharePoint sites and SharePoint solutions, usability may suffer due to poor performance of the application or underlying infrastructure. This is why SharePoint monitoring, or monitoring the components that impact the performance and user experience of your SharePoint services, is crucial for boosting user adoption.

SharePoint operations are dependent on the proper functioning of a number of systems and services including the client-side OS, the .NET framework, your web server(s) running Internet Information Services (IIS), and your SQL server(s). Web app monitoring and SharePoint monitoring tools can help you verify the health and behavior of these core components and locate bottlenecks in the application delivery chain. By carrying out multi-dimensional SharePoint monitoring—by monitoring your applications, servers, network, and other affiliated services—your teams can optimize the performance and stability of your SharePoint platform and improve user adoption rates.

Improving the performance and user experience of SharePoint with Dynatrace SharePoint monitoring

Integrating our end-to-end transaction tracing technology with sophisticated application, data center, and real user monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace’s APM solutions are uniquely suited for business-critical enterprise application management use cases including SharePoint and SAP monitoring.

Effectively monitoring the performance of highly customized enterprise applications requires specialized toolsets. This is why we offer a SharePoint monitoring plug-in allowing you to leverage the many features—and achieve the immediate benefits—of our Application Monitoring and User Experience Management solutions in the SharePoint ecosystem. Install our SharePoint FastPack and access preconfigured dashboards to:

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