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Dynatrace for state and local government

Modernize and secure the services and always-on digital experiences your community needs with observability, app security, AI, and automation in one unified platform.

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The Dynatrace platform is StateRAMP authorized at the moderate-impact level

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Ensure cloud done right with
precise answers and intelligent automation

The heightened demand for public services puts digital teams under pressure to innovate faster and more securely. But delivering those services takes more than data on glass. It takes AI-powered insights and continuous automation at scale.

Here’s what you can do with Dynatrace:

Manage hybrid cloud complexity without the blind spots

The volume of data and manual oversight that comes with managing multiple siloed tools across your application and infrastructure stack makes modernization difficult.

We deliver full-stack observability and AI-powered answers and automation. So, you can modernize apps and data centers, migrate to and collaborate efficiently in the cloud, and free employees to innovate faster.

Service secure

Keep critical state & local government services secure

Securing environments and data against threat actors isn't optional.

Our advanced anomaly and runtime security vulnerability detection secures apps from the inside out by actively blocking attacks and automatically detecting vulnerabilities in production.

Deliver digital experience

Deliver flawless and reliable digital experiences

Your constituents expect digital services to always be on, reliable, and secure across every channel.

Modernize your Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) strategy to meet rising citizen expectations with real user monitoring (RUM), Session Replay, and synthetic monitoring.

RUM visualizes digital transactions across users, devices, and browsers for a complete picture of the user journey. Session Replay visually records user sessions. Choose from multiple levels of data protection to respect citizen privacy. Synthetic monitoring proactively simulates user visits to ensure constant availability and great web application performance.

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