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Understanding your legacy environment

The first step in your journey

The numbers speak for themselves. Over 80% of government organizations have started but failed to complete at least one modernization program. To help your agency avoid that fate – and optimize for your migration strategy — you need to know where you stand today.

In this eBook, we explain the urgent need for modernization, and the cornerstone of a move to the cloud: comprehending your existing IT environment. Along the way, we pose questions to help you gauge that understanding, and guide you on gaining a full view of your IT environment and legacy systems — which Gartner defines as “an information system that may be based on outdated technologies but is critical to day-to-day operations.”

With this understanding in hand, you can ensure a successful cloud migration from the start.

Download the first of three installments of our “Journey to the Cloud” eBook series.​ To complete your journey, click Design and activate your cloud migration strategy and Optimize your transition to the cloud with observability to download the entire series.

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