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2022 Government CIO Report

CIOs under pressure to do more with less

To deliver vital services and meet mission goals more effectively, public-sector organizations have accelerated their use of cloud technologies. The result is an explosion of data and an increasingly distributed and complex technology stack that’s becoming harder to manage with limited resources.

We surveyed 150 global government CIOs to learn the challenges IT and ops teams face, and the solutions they’re confident will help them going forward.

Download the free report to learn how government CIOs are:

  • Delivering performance and availability across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Ensuring contextual data management beyond traditional log management
  • Leveraging AIOps and automation to seamlessly deliver citizen services and mission goals

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A deluge of data and constant change means more management challenges

But AIOps and automation can take the pressure off teams. Here’s what we heard from government CIOs and IT leaders:

Magnifying glass looking over data.

75% say the explosion of data is beyond human ability to manage.

37% say their IT environment changes at least once a minute.

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96% believe AIOps and automation are key to reducing burnout among teams.

53% say the number of tools needed to monitor the end-to-end technology stack makes it difficult to operate efficiently.

All types of data linked together.