Digital business analytics

Tie full-stack monitoring data to business metrics and get real-time, precise answers about conversion, revenue impact, release validation, customer segmentation and more. Gain real-time visibility into business KPIs, enable more efficient IT and business collaboration and consistently deliver better digital business outcomes across all of your channels.

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Get complete context with full-stack data automatically connected with business KPIs

Eliminate the manual work of tying together application performance and user experience data to business KPI’s with automatic tracing, segmentation, and data extraction from business transactions for better business insights and results.

Automate shared business context

Prioritize improvements based on business impact

Stop wasting time guessing which optimization efforts are delivering business results with AI-assisted analysis, exploration, and querying of data to get insights on what is driving the greatest business impact, personalized for your industry and business goals.

Know IT value and impact zoomed

Minimize abandonment and optimize conversions

Proactively optimize the user experience across business milestones and conversion steps to pinpoint where in the user journey you can efficiently improve business outcomes, and drill all the way down to the specific performance by geography, product, customer segment, and more.

Minimize abandonment and optimize conversions

Instantly understand and fix problems before business impact

AI-assisted anomaly detection, precise root cause determination, and alerting provide instant answers so you can save time and prioritize the most business-impacting issues, before they affect customers and users.

Instantly understand and fix problems

One single source of truth for business and IT to break down silos

Automatic real-time mapping of business and application data provides instant shared context that enables faster IT and business collaboration and better business outcomes.

  • Advanced observability

Advanced observability

See it all in-context, including metrics, logs, traces, entity relationships, UX and behavior.

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  • Continuous Automation

Continuous automation

Make it easy with automatic deploy, config, discovery, topology, performance, updates, and more.

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  • AI at the core


Free your time with precise answers for proactive problem resolution and performance improvements.

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  • Infinity

Cross-team collaboration

Eliminate silos and accelerate teamwork with a single source of truth for your Biz, Dev and Ops teams.

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User experience &
business analytics

Deliver remarkable experiences across every user journey and maximize business KPIs and revenue.

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Digital business analytics in action

  • Business Impact

Business Impact

Real-time business insights to the impact of issues on business outcomes.

  • Conversion

Conversion Optimization

Analyze business metrics across business milestones, conversion funnels, and user journeys.

  • Release Validation

Release Validation

Measure and validate that new application features meet key business goals.

  • Experience Reporting

Experience Reporting

Automate analysis for SLA/SLO compliance across internal and external business metrics.

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We can now see, across all brands, how our customers might have been affected by any slow-down or error that is impacting revenue.”
Mark Forrester, Digital Readiness Manager

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