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Apply petabyte-scale exploratory analytics to your unified observability, security, and business data.

Solve problems collaboratively with rich data exploration

With Notebooks, teams can leverage all your observability, security, and business data to explore and answer all their questions.

Get actionable answers with causal AI-based exploratory analytics

Leverage exploratory analytics and the Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) to answer any question, then easily refine your answers with information-rich tables and charts and pin them to dashboards.

Develop better understanding, faster

Continue asking new questions as they come to you. Notebooks let you to ask followup questions indefinitely as you drill down into issues and develop a deeper understanding.

Extend your analysis and automate actions

Enrich your analysis with custom code that allows you to easily pull in data from external source. Then, turn your answers into automations that act on those prescriptive insight, right away.

What can teams do with Notebooks?

Observability Analytics

Observability Analytics

Analyze and document a production incident in real-time.

Security Analytics

Security Analytics

Investigate and share findings about a security incident.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Evaluate the impact of a new marketing campaign on your revenue.

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