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Davis® AI

Precise answers and intelligent automation. Davis CoPilot™ for increased productivity and recommendations.

Industry’s first hypermodal AI

Dynatrace Davis uniquely combines predictive AI, causal AI, and generative AI for observability, security, and business use cases.

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    Predictive AI: Forecast

    Provides continuous forecasting and anomaly prediction across multidimensional baselines, application traffic and service load, all seasonality and pattern aware.

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    Causal AI: Determine

    Analyzes observability and security data in the context of topology information: groups anomalies, pinpoints root causes, and prioritizes based on business impact automatically and ad hoc.

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    Generative AI: Create

    Fueled by predictive AI and causal AI, Davis CoPilot creates queries, notebooks, and dashboards to simplify analytics, and provides workflow and automation recommendations.

AI-powered answers, insights, and automation

Davis AI at the core of the Dynatrace platform empowers countless use cases. Now, Davis CoPilot boosts productivity with generative AI-powered recommendations.

Automatic root-cause analysis

Dynatrace Davis detects and analyzes the root cause of problems.

Davis automatically detects customer-facing issues and uses topology, transaction, and code-level information to precisely pinpoint the root cause of problems. Davis CoPilot recommends actions to take for problem remediation.

Natural language queries

Easily explore data and discover patterns across all Grail data.

Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) allows any query at any time due to an indexless approach. Davis CoPilot translates questions in natural language to DQL, using causal AI for additional context.

Auto-coded workflows

Easily automate remediation actions and others workflows.

Davis CoPilot makes it easy to create auto-generated workflows using natural language input. Autoremediation or integrations with ChatOps, DevOps, and ITSM tools have never been easier.

Predictive operations

Ensure reliable operations by catching and avoiding issues proactively – completely automatically.

Davis AI allows you to run forecasts with automatic anomaly prediction (e.g. predictive disk resizing, predictive autoscaling resources), generate reports and take action automatically, from informing the respective teams to triggering orchestration.

Auto-generated quality checks

Define quality objectives in the code and get it validated throughout the delivery process before the code reaches production using Dynatrace Site Reliability Guardian.

Davis AI applies machine learning, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis to make this easy. Davis CoPilot creates guardians for specific services with natural language input.

AI-powered application security

Protect applications, and understand and optimize security posture in real-time.

Davis AI automatically assesses risk, detects and blocks threats, recommends remediation strategies and simplifies security analysis across all data in context with Davis Copilot.

Natural language to visual analytics

Simply analyze observability, security, and business data visually.

Just tell Davis CoPilot in natural language what data you want to visualize and explore. Davis CoPilot generates dashboards and notebooks leveraging causal AI context.

AI-assisted onboarding and platform use

Just tell Davis CoPilot what you want to achieve, and it will provide the right path.

Whether you want to observe additional technologies, apply advanced configurations with one sentence, or leverage new capabilities and best practices, Davis CoPilot uses its custom-trained large language model (LLM) to boost your productivity and ensure fast onboarding.

Dynatrace Davis® AI combines precision at scale with generative AI to boost productivity

Davis predictive AI and causal AI provide precision you can rely on

Proven AI

  • With Davis AI, Dynatrace has pioneered predictive AI and causal AI since 2014
  • The world’s largest enterprises use Dynatrace to observe and get insights into applications and infrastructure at scale

Immediate insights

  • Davis AI, together with other core technologies, provides immediate and continuous insights
  • With zero configuration, Dynatrace can be deployed to tens of thousands of hosts in hours

Precise answers out of the box

  • Auto-baselining, anomaly detection, automatic root-cause analysis, business impact analysis, AIOps automation
  • All informed by real-time dependency and topology mapping.

Davis CoPilot boosts productivity

Custom-trained LLMs

  • Leverage large language models (LLMs), optimized and custom-trained for observability, security, and business use cases
  • Use real-time dependencies and actual cause and effect relationships to get highly relevant answers and recommendations

Hypermodal AI

  • Combining predictive AI, causal AI, and generative AI, Davis AI transforms and augments data for precise predictions, determinations, and insights
  • Automated prompt enrichment delivers better recommendations and relevant results

AI for everyone

  • Unlock powerful analytics for new audiences using natural language input
  • Simplify data analytics with queries, notebooks and dashboards, effectively drive automation and accelerate onboarding