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Meet Davis®, our radically different AI-engine

Automatically processes billions of dependencies to serve up precise answers.

Davis is purpose-built for today’s web-scale modern cloud

  • Complex

    368 billion

    dependencies analyzed by Davis per second.
  • Dynamic

    8 billion

    application topology changes are already processed by Dynatrace per day.
  • System health

    100 thousand

    reduction of overall outage minutes is what Davis can help you achieve.
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Stop guessing.
Start knowing. Instantly.

With Davis®, our unrivaled AI engine, precise answers are instant, automatic, and continuous. Explore how Davis drives automation and delivers broader, deeper insight into your environment.

Davis explained

Davis is purpose-built AI

Davis uses deterministic AI which is a radically different approach to traditional machine learning. It performs an automatic fault-tree analysis, the same methodology NASA and FAA are using. This is causation not correlation. The resulting root cause analysis is precise and reproducible step by step.

At the core, to understand more

Davis sits at the core of Dynatrace, not bolted on as an afterthought. Therefore, our AI engine is part of every aspect of the platform. Davis processes any and all data, whether it comes from a mainframe, the infrastructure, a cloud platform, or the CI/CD pipeline. This enables Davis to provide the granularity and precision needed to automate the cloud, unlike traditional AI.

Leverage Davis for exploratory analysis

Davis takes domain and topology knowledge to help SREs, architects, and DevOps teams to optimize complex, dynamic microservice environments.

Causal correlation analysis predicts and anticipates future resource shortages and validates the positive effects of software improvements.

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The Dynatrace AI has completely changed what I have to focus on. I don't do anything like incident management or SLA reporting anymore. Our group is now there to enable and help people go faster.
Jay Cotton Performance Engineer Lead Kroger

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