My SAP Hybris Digital Live Summit Takeaways

You can’t really say that I participated in SAP Hybris’ Digital Live Summit (#SAPHybrisLive) yesterday. It was a global event spread across multiple time zones – so yesterday doesn’t apply here. It was a unprecedented online event of a kind I’ve never before experienced. The event followed the sun, started in Singapore, continued in Munich, and finished in New York. 21 hours of live-streaming content and numerous on-demand content items made available for consumption over the coming months.

I must admit that, prior to the event, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I’m a networking person, and I like to talk to people. But when I left the “Munich Broadcasting Base” yesterday my thinking had changed significantly! Great event, great concept, and mixture of meetings and face-to-face conversations, plus the feeling of contribution to a much larger audience on the internet.

Speaking of mixture — one of my favorite sessions was the presentation by Ulf Bonfert (SVP & Head of Enterprise Commerce at SAP Hybris):

Running at two Speeds: Tradition and Innovation in Parallel

In his talk he highlighted a few things that we at Dynatrace can confirm, see at our customers, and also follow in our own product strategy:

1. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift – the Era of the Cloud

the era of the cloud

2. Disrupting technologies have one thing in common – API first and microservices.

3. Cloud migration is a challenge and it’s ok to gradually “peel off” microservices at the edges while moving away from monolithic systems.

deconstruction of monolithic applications

No doubt that exciting times are ahead and, while environments and architectures change at SAP Hybris’ customers and other industries, there is need for adapting your monitoring strategy as well. This is why Dynatrace also went through it’s own migration, and provides the only purpose-built solution with microservices and cloud architectures in mind.

No surprise that, when it comes to monitoring and performance management of the new era platform of SAP Hybris – YaaS, Dynatrace is there from the very beginning, providing insight and watching over the emerging technology of today and the technology of the future — full stack visibility and AI driven analysis.

Next innovation and disrupting topic: No Keyboard and Bots

Two speakers — Anatoly Roytman from Accenture Interactive and CapGemini — presented their vision of interaction and customer engagement — the change in how we interact with machines and systems: A no keyboard principle that could be as easy as Amazon Dash button or voice-activated speech recognition, and smart assistants that we interact with like as though talking to other humans.

It’s amazing to see how this trend is applicable in so many areas even though it’s the most natural way of exchanging information. We share the same vision: Meet D.A.V.I.S intuitive VoiceOps and ChatOps!

Meet Carla

Last but not least: SAP Hybris Profile

I must admit that the presentation by Hybris co-founder Moritz Zimmermann was a bit scary in the beginning — Facebook data collection, shadow profiles and face recognition to influence public votes and opinions. Also, profiling a customer and leveraging data for targeted marketing, but also to benefit the customer by knowing and providing more value. These are just a small part of the things to which we’ll need to become accustomed on the customer side and the service side — working with customers, using the information that a customer is willing to share.

SAP Hybris profile

It was here that I found another touch point that I want to follow up on in the future. When monitoring with Dynatrace we do collect a lot of data about a user’s journey through a eCommerce site. We don’t do this to profile a user but for performance and anomaly analysis. Knowing exactly what visitors to your store are doing, being able to address problems quickly, and determine what impact a problem has on your customers is critical. But wouldn’t it make sense to feed that information into SAP Hybris Profile? They could enrich that data with other information, and provide it for marketing and service quality purposes.

I was so excited about this idea that I checked the documentation at and the Profile service. It didn’t take long to realize that this won’t require much effort to feed user interaction data from Dynatrace to Hybris Profile. But it seems we have much more detailed data than what was anticipated by the Hybris developers. Looking forward to discuss this with the SAP Hybris team!

Here’s a simple example of what we can do with Dynatrace User Experience Data (we call it PureLytics stream) can be found in Andi Grabner’s Online Performance Clinic. Just to get an idea!

Cool Concept and Great Event

My overview of the first Digital Summit: I had some doubts in the beginning, which were shared with people with whom I talked. But at the end of the day (the day in Munich) everyone I talked to was very positive! And, of course, there is still the On-Site SAP Hybris Summit later this year. See you in Barcelona in October!

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