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Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability co-flies with GKE Autopilot for managed Kubernetes – you can have it all!

What’s up? Hands-free fully managed Kubernetes

Hundreds of thousands of companies use Google Cloud’s GKE to build and run their applications. While GKE has been popular since its inception by making computing more efficient and advancing container orchestration – running and administration still require some hands-on work, for example in managing worker nodes.

Advancing a cool component to the mix, did you know Google Cloud does all the manual work and more with GKE Autopilot?  This revolutionary new mode of operations is like a self-flying managed Kubernetes aircraft.  It will let you focus on where you want to be – building and running apps perhaps – while GKE Autopilot ‘self-flies’ the rest of the infrastructure for you.

This is great for organizations that want a simpler way to build a more secure and consistent development platform. It fully embraces Kubernetes, yet simplifies operations with optimized, ready-for-production clusters, strong security, and ops-friendly configuration – all based on the experience of Google’s SRE teams. With GKE Autopilot, go ahead and glide past the nitty-gritty details of cluster configurations.

Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability naturally co-fly with GKE Autopilot

Just as GKE Autopilot is running your Kubernetes infrastructure, by deploying the Dynatrace Operator, the  Dynatrace OneAgent is automatically a native, first-class citizen bringing automatic and intelligent observability to the fabric of this platform.

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform — powered by the causal AI engine, Davis ® is the only observability platform for Kubernetes with continuous automation that identifies and prioritizes alerts from applications and infrastructure without changing code, container images, or deployments.  For full mastery of Kubernetes, simply deploy the Dynatrace Operator, and Dynatrace can:

  • Track the availability, health, and resource utilization of Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Get an intuitive view of your workloads and quickly identify unexpected replica counts or excessive pod-level resource limits
  • Prioritize anomalies and automatically determine the exact root-cause
  • Automatically discover and instrument thousands of pods with no manual configuration changes

With this critical information in one centralized interface, all teams within the software development lifecycle will be able to operate from a single source of truth so they can resolve issues faster and focus on innovations.

GKE Autopilot and beyond

While DevOps and SREs will be happy to learn about these powerful capabilities, Dynatrace’s value extends far beyond just GKE Autopilot.  Dynatrace leverages its powerful AI to provide end-to-end visibility into the entire software stack, mapping and analyzing dependencies in near real time to determine both the root cause of any disruption and the impact of slowdowns as they pertain to business KPIs.

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform delivers the deepest and broadest hybrid cloud observability, spanning applications, infrastructure, and user experience, as well as the latest open-source standards, including OpenTelemetry. Dynatrace extends best-in-class observability with runtime application security capabilities, and causal AIOps to deliver precise answers about the performance and security of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users.

It’s this combination – automatic and intelligent observability plus continuous runtime application security – that helps our customers innovate faster, collaborate more effectively, and deliver more time with dramatically less effort. Whether it’s the efficiency and quality of innovation for IT teams, speed, security, and automation for DevOps and SRE teams, or enhancements and improved consistency of user experiences, Dynatrace makes it easy. There are no silos of data, no blind spots, no “do it yourself” stitching together of tools, no wasted time, and no wasted resources.

Dynatrace makes monitoring your Kubernetes infrastructure — and everything else in your cloud environment — simple.

Further your Kubernetes knowledge

Don’t just take our word for it – take a test drive of Dynatrace yourself, by signing up for our Dynatrace Free Trial here.

Thanks to the collaboration between Dynatrace and Google, customers can now unlock cloud-native Dynatrace deployments on GKE Autopilot and take full advantage of Dynatrace’s AI-powered, context-aware observability platform.