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Dynatrace named a launch partner of Amazon EKS Blueprints

We’re excited to announce that Dynatrace has been recognized as a launch partner for the newly introduced Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering of Amazon EKS Blueprints.  This new service is a step forward to enhance the user experience with code-driven automation of Kubernetes EKS and the Dynatrace Intelligent Observability Platform.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration engine for containerized applications that help to automate processes such as scaling, deployments, and management with greater efficiency.

What is Amazon EKS?

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service is a managed infrastructure service offered by Amazon Web Services that executes and scales Kubernetes applications in the AWS cloud.  Some use cases include:

    • Managing Kubernetes clusters across hybrid environments either in your data centers or in the cloud.
    • Create web applications that are highly available across multiple availability zones and scales to meet your demanding consumption footprints

What is Amazon EKS Blueprints?

Amazon EKS Blueprints is a framework for AWS customers that provides best practices to simplify the complexity of deploying shared services to Amazon EKS clusters, such as the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator.  Customers can use EKS Blueprint to quickly and easily bundle a series of open source services when deploying the EKS infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. EKS Blueprints minimizes the complexity and provides the construct to deploy these services.

EKS Blueprints benefits

Using the EKS Blueprints framework offers many benefits, such as the following:

  • Simplifies tool integration – EKS Blueprints simplifies running services that are a precursor for containerizing tools like CI/CD pipelines, log and metrics processing and security enforcement.
  • Facilitates continuous delivery – Teams can create pipelines to automate deployments and manage them using GitOps.
  • Enables automation – EKS Blueprints gives teams the capability of deploying well-architected EKS clusters across accounts and regions
  • Eases management – Teams can manage cluster configuration, add-ons, and permissions from a single GIT repository.

Modernize your EKS observability with Dynatrace using EKS Blueprints

As your application modernization journey evolves in today’s ecosystem it is almost certain that you will take advantage of the Kubernetes platform. Whether you are lifting and shifting to containerization, or your journey begins here with Kubernetes, the benefits the platform provides are an important contribution to today’s agile development ecosystem. Similar to the concepts of VMs, containers differentiate themselves through a number of capabilities including sharing of the OS across your diverse applications. Kubernetes is also lightweight and portable across your hybrid distributions.

Deployment Evolution to Kubernetes Containerization
Deployment evolution to Kubernetes containerization

Dynatrace stays in step with this application development evolution by providing the visibility you need at each layer of the journey.   One of the main reasons that customers choose to modernize is agility: the ability to quickly and inexpensively manage, react and correct their cloud investments.  By making the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator available using EKS Blueprints deployments, teams quickly and easily make their applications available to Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability and automatic root-cause analysis.

Automatic Dynatrace OneAgent Kubernetes Discovery and Mapping
Automatic Dynatrace OneAgent Kubernetes Discovery and Mapping

After deploying the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator, the OneAgent becomes a native integration and a first-class citizen of the platform. The advanced observability gained for the EKS infrastructure gives teams code-level detail, context, and tracing to every service the application touches. This pairing provides the following additional benefits:

  • Provides visibility into cluster resource utilization
  • Delivers overviews of pods and workloads
  • Issues event-driven notifications identifying crash loops and other conditions
  • Provides automatic and precise root-cause analysis via the Davis AI-engine

How to deploy Dynatrace OneAgent Operator using EKS Blueprints


  • Dynatrace API and PAAS tokens
  • AWS CLI access
  • AWS Secrets Manager

To deploy Dynatrace Oneagent Operator, simply import the Dynatrace add-on for Amazon EKS Blueprints module and add it to your EKS cluster during the bootstrapping process.

You can follow the straightforward instructions found in the Github repo.

  1. Create your EKS cluster and connect to it.
  2. Open Dynatrace in your browser and go to Infrastructure > Kubernetes and select Connect manually.
  3. Check Connect containerized Active Gate to local Kubernetes API endpoint.
  4. In the Kubernetes cluster ID field, add a name and copy the UUID of the kube-system namespace.
  5. Click save.
EKS Observabilitiy via EKS Blueprints and the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator
EKS Observability via EKS Blueprints and the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator

Once installed, the Dynatrace OneAgent operator provides the visibility you need to ensure your EKS infrastructure is working as effectively. From the comprehensive visualization of your cluster workload to the events that impact application performance, the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform delivers the context and the answers you need.


The newly introduced EKS Blueprint service brings automation and simplification to the Kubernetes landscape. This service is a step forward to give users and adopters the tools they need to gain efficiency with automation. Dynatrace is committed to continue to not only provide Intelligent Observability but to constantly innovate and be at the leading edge of cloud computing. We are proud to be included in this announcement and look forward to continuing to be the leader in Observability.


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