ServiceNow Monitoring

AI and automation for better business outcomes

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ServiceNow Monitoring screenshot
ServiceNow Monitoring screenshot

Enable better decision making to drive business outcomes

Dynatrace and ServiceNow solve modernization challenges through automation and intelligence, allowing you to sense, think, and act on real-time detection and response with visibility into your entire technology stack.

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Automatic tracing of services, applications, topology and dependencies, with code-level insights for an end-to-end picture of your IT environment.

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Deterministic AI provides full, real-time visibility into application and infrastructure problem identification with precise root cause analysis and business impact.

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Comprehensive real user insights to drive proactive and measurable experience improvements before business gets impacted.

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“Dynatrace adds tremendous value to find and analyze deep application code level problems. This solution helps us eliminate service outages and disruption to end users and improves our SLAs to customers."”
Jeff Palmiero, Manager of Application Performance Monitoring at Raymond James

Observability & Resolution

Dynatrace and ServiceNow work together to provide an end-to-end observability solution to eliminate service outages.

  • Dynatrace provides a real-time full stack view of your mission-critical applications and infrastructure including microservices and containers.
  • ServiceNow visibility provides a complete picture of the IT landscape.
  • ServiceNow uses the event alert data from Dynatrace, including code level metrics and tracing, to proactively identify impacted services.

Event management

Enrich the CMDB, automatically

Dynatrace and ServiceNow successfully manage software systems to efficiently route incidents to responsible teams.

  • Gain insights into service meshes, which feed and enrich the CMDB automatically.
  • Dynatrace delivers mission critical code-level information within the application and service layer
  • Sync all monitored hosts, services, and applications within your ServiceNow CMDB and automatically generates service maps to the ServiceNow IT Operations Module (ITOM).

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Automatic problem remediation

Dynatrace and ServiceNow remediate issues quickly.

  • Dynatrace uses an explainable AI engine, Davis, to automatically detect performance anomalies in your applications, services, and infrastructure.
  • Dynatrace detected incidences are then used to alert ServiceNow to resolve system errors and service outages.
  • ServiceNow executes remediation of the incident


The Dynatrace ServiceNow app

We’ve simplified the direct integration of your monitored environment with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) by providing a free app.

Install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment to directly synchronize the list of automatically discovered hosts, applications, and services with your ServiceNow instance.

Once Dynatrace detects an anomaly within your environment, it automatically pushes the problem and its impact to the ServiceNow Problems list. Now, each problem detected by Dynatrace is automatically transformed into a ServiceNow incident.

Dynatrace + ServiceNow Resources

Software Intelligence for ServiceNow

All-in-one, AI-powered monitoring for better business outcomes


Dynatrace & ServiceNow: Put your IT Operations on Auto-Pilot

Advanced observability and automated problem remediationg


Dynatrace & ServiceNow feed and enrich the CMDB, automatically

Dynatrace and ServiceNow have highly complementary solutions to gain insights into service meshes, which feed and enrich the CMDB automatically


Deep Observability & Rapid Problem Resolution

Dynatrace and ServiceNow Event Management work together to provide an end-to-end observability solution to eliminate service outages


Automatic Problem Remediation

Dynatrace and ServiceNow Orchestration automatically identify common application problems by triggering predefined, repeatable remediation workflows to resolve incidents immediately