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Dynatrace is the only Kubernetes observability platform on the market that integrates full-stack end-to-end observability with intelligent analytics, automation, and security.

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Akamas logo


Akamas AI enables enterprises and online businesses to maximize service quality, resilience and cost savings.

Google Container-optimized OS logo

Google Container-optimized OS

Dynatrace OneAgent monitors Kubernetes nodes with Google's secure Container-optimized OS quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Docker logo


Automated distributed tracing and metrics for microservices running in docker containers in Kubernetes.

Consul Service Mesh (StatsD) logo

Consul Service Mesh (StatsD)

Extend visibility into your Consul Service Mesh instances to monitor health and improve performance.

Envoy logo


Automated distributed tracing and metrics for Envoy proxies.

Kubernetes Monitoring Statistics logo

Kubernetes Monitoring Statistics

Effective troubleshooting of your Dynatrace Kubernetes monitoring and Prometheus integration setup.

Kubernetes persistent volume claims logo

Kubernetes persistent volume claims

Monitor your Kubernetes persistent volume claims and alert on capacity limits.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux logo

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Scale existing apps across bare-metal, virtual, container, and all types of cloud environments.

VMware Tanzu logo

VMware Tanzu

Dynatrace & VMware Tanzu – accelerate adoption automatic, AI-powered; TAS, TKG, hybrid, multi-cloud, automated DevOps continuous CD.

cri-o logo


Automated distributed tracing and metrics for microservices running in cri-o containers in Kubernetes.

containerd logo


Automated distributed tracing and metrics for microservices running in containerd containers in Kubernetes.

Azure Container Instance logo

Azure Container Instance

Deploy and manage serverless containers on the Microsoft Azure cloud, without having to manage any underlying infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service logo

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Harness automation and AI to simplify Kubernetes observability at scale.

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