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User monitoring software is used by companies in a range of industries to assess application performance and enhance the end user experience. By tracking user activity and monitoring application health from the perspective of real users, user monitoring software allows organizations to measure and manage the quality of service being delivered via their websites and applications and detect performance bottlenecks that may contribute to user frustration and revenue loss.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

User Monitoring Software: Helping Organizations Manage Today’s Distributed Applications

Assuring a consistently positive, engaging user experience to customers via web and mobile apps—no matter the device, browser or geographic location—is essential for achieving online success. User monitoring software is helping businesses do just this. Through real-time end user monitoring, companies are able to learn more about their users, verify the functionality and performance of their applications, and discover how to implement meaningful improvements to their products and services.

Today’s composite applications and hybrid service delivery environments including virtualized infrastructure and cloud services make performance management difficult. But, with the right user monitoring software in place, IT professionals are able to gain the transparency and real user experience insight necessary for accurately evaluating and improving the performance of their websites and applications for all users.

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A Powerful User Monitoring Software Solution for Web and Mobile Applications

Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM), a sophisticated user monitoring software solution for web, native mobile, HTML5 and hybrid apps, offers your teams powerful real user monitoring capabilities and superior visibility into the entire application delivery chain—from the end user, through third-party services, to your web servers, middleware, and back-end databases.

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Combining Synthetic and User Monitoring Software for Proactive Performance Management

To proactively monitor the availability of your sites and applications and manage performance throughout the lifecycle of your applications, combine Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring with User Experience Management and obtain a complete view of the user experience. From our globally-distributed Last Mile network, implement user experience testing using real browsers to verify application stability and third-party component performance before launch. Your teams can leverage detailed UEM user session recordings to generate user experience test scripts that reflect actual user behavior for the most realistic performance testing of your apps and services.

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