Tracking User Activity

By tracking user activity and monitoring applications through the lens of the end user, organizations are able to optimize applications for their user base, thereby assuring user satisfaction and improving retention and conversion rates. In tracking user activity and application performance metrics in real time with user monitoring software, IT professionals are equipped with the data and real user experience insight they need to quickly find and resolve performance issues, provide exceptional technical support, and keep users engaged. And through user experience evaluation, businesses get the facts they need to make informed decisions about investments in service improvement efforts.

Tracking user activity enables proactive application performance management in today’s complex, distributed service delivery environments—a user-centric approach to APM for modern web and mobile applications.

Tracking user actions

Tracking User Activity for DevOps Insight: Optimizing Applications for Peak Performance

Tracking user activity and using the data collected to ensure five-star user experiences should be a collaborative effort involving business managers and an interdisciplinary team of IT professionals including operations personnel and application developers. User Experience Management, a comprehensive end user experience monitoring solution from Dynatrace, supplies all of your stakeholders and IT staff with the monitoring and diagnostic capabilities necessary for tracking user activity and user transactions across the application delivery chain and obtaining actionable insight into user experience.

Tracking user activity with APM solutions from Dynatrace gives your company a competitive edge. Integrate Dynatrace monitoring and fault isolation functionality into the application development lifecycle, and free your developers from time-consuming debugging so they can focus on bringing innovation and new functionality to market.

DevOps metrics leading to big data

Tracking User Activity for Business Insight: Knowing the Impact of Performance Issues

Another unique advantage of Dynatrace User Experience Management is the access your business receives to user-defined transaction profiling and real-time user experience analysis. Tracking user activity within applications—capturing all visits, user click paths and server-side business transactions—our UEM toolset allows you to examine critical business metrics and gather data on user behavior and the performance of application components for each and every session. From out-of-the-box dashboards, discover how performance variations impact site usage, revenue flow, and your business in real time.

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