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Pegasus improves customer experience and enables auto-remediation

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Dynatrace gives us answers and has opened the door to automating IT operations.
Haluk Yüzücü
Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Pegasus

About Pegasus

  • Leading low-cost airline in Turkey
  • Carries guests to 105 destinations across 40 countries between Turkey and Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Russia, and Middle Asia


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Story Snapshot

Full-stack visibility
Multiple monitoring tools no longer necessary
Instant insights
Auto-instrumentation enables easy deployment
Better user-experiences
AI-powered insights help improve digital services
Mean-time-to-resolution significantly reduced

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Technology key to preventing user turbulence

As a leading low-cost carrier, Pegasus Airlines wanted to deliver a seamless experience to its customers through its digital services to elevate the company above its competition. To do this, Pegasus Airlines shifted the services vital to customer experience away from monolithic IT architectures and transitioned them to a services-oriented architecture (SOA), modernizing its technology stack and reducing enterprise complexity. This allowed Pegasus Airlines to better define how services are delivered to the end-user and made it easier to scale to match consumer demand.

Haluk Yüzücü, Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Pegasus Airlines, explains the task at hand, “Our ambitions for future growth rely on us being able to provide a customer experience driven by first-class technology. However, the challenge was ensuring we would be able to monitor all the applications and infrastructure delivering our services in real-time. If we’re going to deliver a superior experience, we need to ensure we’re spotting problems early, so they don’t impact our customers.”

Clear skies for customer experience

To address this challenge, Pegasus Airlines adopted Dynatrace’s AI-powered, full-stack platform to monitor real-user experience across its entire IT infrastructure and the applications it supports. Dynatrace was simple and easy to install, with a single agent discovering all service components and dependencies in the IT landscape, and auto-instrumenting real-user monitoring on critical applications.

Haluk Yüzücü commented, “What Dynatrace gave us straight out of the box was a single source of business truth that allowed us to monitor customer experience across all channels of engagement, including web, mobile and online check-in services. The auto-discovery capability captured every aspect of our IT infrastructure, giving us a complete understanding of our services and the applications and infrastructure they are reliant on. This level of visibility gave us deep, end-to-end customer experience insights, helping us better understand the customer journey in real-time.”

Dynatrace gave us a single source of business truth that allowed us to monitor customer experience across all channels of engagement, including web, mobile and online check-in services.
Haluk Yüzücü
Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Pegasus

Synthetic monitoring allows for regular test-flights

As well as better visibility into the impact of digital performance on real-user experience, Dynatrace also provides rich insight into business-critical customer journeys to help Pegasus further optimize its services. Haluk Yüzücü explains, “By simulating load, and monitoring how critical workflows, applications and transactions perform, we’re able to get a consistent and reliable measure of how configuration changes will affect user experience. The results help us to see how our systems will perform under real-user conditions, so we can optimize their journeys more effectively.”

Pegasus Airlines can now understand how services will perform for users in different geographies and on multiple connection types and devices. Dynatrace allows Pegasus to simulate business-critical visits to applications to understand service levels and the availability of key transactions. This allows the IT team to proactively identify and remediate problems that will have the biggest impact on service quality.

Smooth landing for all customers

Since adopting Dynatrace, the user experience has improved considerably across mobile and web applications. Dynatrace’s real-user experience insights visualize the impact of IT outages and performance problems on users. Its AI-powered root cause analysis capabilities pinpoint the precise source of a problem, without the noise associated with less sophisticated monitoring solutions.

Dynatrace’s AI is also enabling Pegasus Airlines to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention in problem resolution. Once recurring issues are detected, fixes can be applied based on the previous action taken to prevent or resolve problems before they affect the customer experience.

“Instead of simply providing more data about the problem or the symptoms, Dynatrace gives us answers as to exactly what the problem is and has opened to door to automating IT operations,” comments Haluk Yüzücü. “This has allowed us to bring down mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) significantly and means we’ve been able to resolve problems before they impacted our users. This gives us more time to drive innovation, instead of wasting our efforts trying to figure out what the problem is. With Dynatrace monitoring all of the layers within our IT infrastructure, we’ve also been able to consolidate the number of monitoring tools we require.”

Haluk Yüzücü concludes, “Our desire is to be a low-cost airline that provides first-class service and we needed our digital experience to be a real differentiator for us. Dynatrace has been critical in achieving this, helping us to truly understand the customer experience and how we can improve it. As a result, we’re delivering a seamless digital experience to customers that helps us to stand out from our competitors, whilst also giving us access to the clear skies we need to innovate at speed.”

This level of visibility gave us deep, end-to-end customer experience insights, helping us better understand the customer journey in real-time.
Haluk Yüzücü
Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Pegasus

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