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Poor website performance and a subpar user experience lead to user frustration, reduced conversion rates and damage to your brand reputation. This is why obtaining real user experience insight is so critical for companies doing business online. Tracking user activity and monitoring the performance of your applications gives you insight into how users interact with your products and services and how your apps respond, exposing performance issues that interfere with a positive user experience. Real user experience insight can help your teams make smarter decisions in product development and optimization efforts, thereby enhancing the quality of your websites and apps for users and adding value to your business.

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Using Real User Experience Insight to Improve Application Performance

Dynatrace supplies your IT organization with the tools necessary for obtaining real user experience insight throughout the application lifecycle—for your web, mobile web, native mobile and hybrid mobile applications. Integrating deep-dive application monitoring and end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities with user experience analysis, Dynatrace User Experience Management goes beyond other performance monitoring solutions. Our toolset provides you with a holistic picture of application performance across all browsers, devices and geographies through the lens of the user experience.

Designed for Web 2.0 apps and virtualized environments, User Experience Management offers you full visibility into user actions and the performance of all application components and associated services along the entire application delivery path including third-party content providers and CDNs. Our application performance and user monitoring softwareaccelerates troubleshooting and reduces MTTR by:

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Leveraging Real User Experience Insight to Enhance Service Delivery

By eliminating blind spots in the application delivery chain and giving you code-level visibility into the call stack of each and every transaction, Dynatrace User Experience Management enables your organization to identify and diagnose the most pressing end-user issues. Our end user monitoring solution gives you the real user experience insight, granular data and intuitive dashboards you need to resolve problems faster, keeping users engaged and customers loyal.

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