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As innovative computing technologies permeate our lives, the organizations leading today’s marketplaces are those who are leveraging every digital opportunity they have to engage with customers and provide a compelling end user experience through a variety of channels. An emphasis on the end user experience is crucial for staying competitive in a hyper-connected world. Through customer experience management solutions and web and mobile user experience optimization efforts, companies are able to connect with and establish lasting relationships with their users, building their customer base and maximizing revenue streams.

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Ways of optimizing the end user experience

For online retailers, banks and insurance companies, software-as-a-service providers, and other organizations that interact with customers primarily through online and mobile channels, optimizing the end user experience is essential for attracting prospective clients and keeping existing customers satisfied.

Poor web or mobile site performance and biting app store reviews leave a lasting negative impression on users. In order to maintain an audience and protect your brand image, your organization must be proactive in monitoring, measuring, and improving the end user experience and offering seamless customer journeys to each and every user.

Real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring methods, such as cloud load testing, can be used in combination to baseline site or app performance in pre-production and to detect and resolve performance issues throughout the application development lifecycle—and before users become frustrated. User behavior analytics software is also valuable in enhancing the end user experience. Web and mobile analytics tools can help you track and understand user interactions and user context, allowing you to make smarter investments in optimization and marketing initiatives.

customer experience analytics

Managing the end user experience at every digital touchpoint with Dynatrace UEM

Serving and staying relevant to digital-savvy clients requires that organizations take an omni-channel approach to customer engagement, delivering an integrated and consistent end user experience across multiple channels. And in order to do this, many companies are leveraging customer experience management solutions that go beyond basic web and mobile application management software.

Bringing together sophisticated application performance and user monitoring capabilities with end-to-end transaction management tools, the Dynatrace digital performance platform is uniquely suited to omni-channel strategies. Dynatrace User Experience Management gives you a comprehensive view of the user experience across your web and mobile web sites and native and hybrid mobile applications. From intuitive dashboards, your teams can:

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