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Businesses are migrating more and more applications and workloads to the cloud in order to capitalize on the cloud’s elasticity and economies of scale. Migrating applications to a private, public, or hybrid cloud is a complex undertaking, and it’s no surprise that various types of cloud migration tools have come into favor to help to automate and evaluate the migration process. Among the most valuable cloud migration tools are performance-oriented tools that provide visibility into whether migrated applications are performing up to your expectations, your vendor’s promises, and your customers’ needs.

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Cloud migration tools for before, during, and after

A well-executed cloud migration should utilize application performance-oriented cloud migration tools during three different stages of the project:

No cloud performance solution can do more for you across these three migration stages than Dynatrace. A comprehensive and unified toolset for application and infrastructure monitoring across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments, Dynatrace is the digital performance management technology of choice for more than 8000 businesses worldwide. Available as an on-premise system or as a Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solution, and remarkably simple to use, Dynatrace can quickly map your current on-premise application topology and establish the comprehensive performance baseline data that you need to intelligently migrate applications to the cloud.

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Dynatrace for optimized cloud performance and ROI

Dynatrace automatically discovers your application’s changed topology and infrastructure as you migrate it to any major IaaS or PaaS cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and others. (Likewise, Dynatrace includes OpenStack monitoring tools and other capabilities for auto-discovery of a migration to a DIY private cloud environment.) When you migrate an application or service to the cloud, Dynatrace cloud migration tools automatically correlate the baseline on-premise performance data for that application or service with new performance data in the cloud environment, allowing you to clearly see the performance impact of the migration.

Dynatrace then delivers ongoing application monitoring of your cloud or hybrid applications, proactively detecting performance anomalies or degradations and supporting instant root cause analysis through the entire application stack. Along with application and infrastructure monitoring tools, Dynatrace also supports synthetic and real user monitoring, giving you end-to-end visibility of every transaction from user click or swipe through to web and application server tiers and back-end databases.

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