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When business success depends upon application performance, transaction monitoring tools are an essential investment. By tracking and analyzing every transaction – every click and every swipe – transaction monitoring solutions can help to identify problems and prioritize fixes to ensure high availability and high performance in applications, delivering the kind of experiences users have come to expect. From user experience testing to network performance testing tools, the best transaction monitoring solutions are able to proactively point out areas of concern and resolve issues before they have a chance to become problems.

When selecting the transaction monitoring software that can help ensure an exceptional user experience every time, leading organizations throughout the world choose solutions from Dynatrace.

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Dynatrace transaction monitoring software

Dynatrace is a leading provider of transaction monitoring software for businesses of all sizes. Nine of the 10 largest banks and retailers, and 380 of the Fortune 500 rely on our transaction monitoring and application performance management solutions to help deliver optimal user experiences. Engineered by more than 800 of the industry’s top application performance management experts, our transaction monitoring tools help organizations design, launch, monitor and manage applications for greater performance and availability.

Our transaction monitoring solutions are part of the application performance management suite that includes:

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