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When it comes to building and managing great applications, real user monitoring can help you better meet user expectations. Real user monitoring delivers the insight you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience, letting you follow the experience of each user as he or she interacts with your website and applications. By tracking user activity and giving you critical data on where errors and performance problems are affecting the user experience, real user monitoring can have a significant impact on your revenue, reputation and customer loyalty.

But with applications that increasingly involve third-party components or cloud platforms that are outside the scope of your infrastructure, real user monitoring is a lot more difficult today than it used to be. Fortunately, Dynatrace User Experience Management offers a real user monitoring solution with an integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting challenges to application performance – no matter where they occur.

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Dynatrace User Experience Management lets you truly know your customers – every click, every swipe, every time. We deliver all the data and all the transaction monitoring and real user monitoring tools you need to make your customers happy – and keep them coming back.

Our real user monitoring solution gives you:

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With Dynatrace User Experience Management, you get real user monitoring not just on enterprise apps, but on desktop web, mobile apps and mobile web as well. With complete transaction data in easy-to-use dashboards, you gain clear visibility into user experience problems so you can optimize each digital moment. Replay transactions click by click, drill down to get root cause analysis, and view the code running inside the browser or mobile application.

In addition to real user monitoring solutions, we offer leading application performance monitoring (APM) solutions and APM services, as well as synthetic user experience testing solutions for mobile, web and enterprise applications. These solutions leverage the largest and most comprehensive performance testing network in the world to resolve performance problems before they negatively impact your users.

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