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Application log monitoring offers useful insights into problems that occur when an application executes. Each application component or service can generate its own log data. Being able to access this data gives you information that you can utilize when troubleshooting application problems. By using sophisticated log analytics tools to examine application log data, you can quickly identify problems and implement fixes for them to ensure that application availability is not compromised.

Dynatrace, the leader in digital performance management, offers APM solutions incorporating the industry’s most advanced technologies. Using a Dynatrace application monitor you gain gap-free visibility into the performance of the entire application stack, end-to-end. Platform-specific tools such as Dynatrace’s JavaScript performance monitoring and .NET monitor tools allow you to capture metrics from user interactions through application processing to database queries for all application dependencies. The Dynatrace unified application monitoring solution also enables application log monitoring that allows you to examine all log data related to your application for relevant messages such as those indicating application errors and performance problems.

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Automate application log monitoring with Dynatrace

Log data generated when your application executes is written into log files or repositories. These files and repositories are located in distributed locations in different hosts and in different tiers. Dynatrace application log monitoring automates the discovery of distributed log files and repositories of your monitored hosts and processes. Logs are automatically detected and made immediately available for analysis. No exporting or copying of log content is required, and Dynatrace allows you to analyze more than one log file or repository at once even if they are stored on multiple host machines.

Once logs are automatically discovered by Dynatrace, you can easily filter through log messages using keywords or time period filters. When you use Dynatrace application log monitoring together with other Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools like VMware performance tools, you can easily search through log content for relevant messages that correlate to any performance issues discovered by these other tools.

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Expedite root cause analysis with Dynatrace application log monitoring

The tools within the Dynatrace unified application monitoring toolset complement each other to uncover performance issues and expedite root cause analysis so that your critical applications meet their service level requirements for uptime and performance. Application problems like Java performance issues that are identified by Dynatrace’s JVM profiling tools may trigger error messages to be written into host or process logs that are not part of the Java platform. Dynatrace application log monitoring automatically discovers these logs and allows you to sift through log content that was generated during the relevant time period when problems were encountered. The information derived from Dynatrace centralized application log monitoring helps to accelerate root cause analysis and remediation for applications built in Java as well as .NET and other leading application platforms.

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