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Using AI and automation to accelerate application workload adoption on OpenShift has never been easier

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Red Hat OpenShift monitoring screenshot
Red Hat OpenShift monitoring screenshot

Dynatrace is the trusted solution for monitoring OpenShift.

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A truly automated approach to monitoring Red Hat OpenShift

The dynamic nature of OpenShift containers and microservices render traditional monitoring tools obsolete. The old way of manually installing different agent types, or collecting and correlating metrics, is simply ineffective.

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Deploy at speed and scale with the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator

Dynatrace is the only full-stack monitoring platform that is container-aware and comes with built-in monitoring support for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift via the OneAgent Operator.

Deploying Dynatrace OneAgent Operator


Makes full-stack, automated monitoring a platform feature


Ensures every app and microservice you deploy is always monitored


Eliminates the need to deploy, configure, and update agents


Scales across 100’s or 1,000’s of nodes and apps with ease

Monitor your OpenShift applications, platform and cloud infrastructure in minutes

Purpose-built for cloud, container, and microservices environments, while also supporting traditional applications and infrastructure, Dynatrace automated deployment will have you up running in minutes.


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Monitoring Containers: CRI-O and Docker

Dynatrace scales automatically to 100k+ hosts out of the box, making it ideal for highly dynamic, multi-workload microservice architectures like OpenShift.

  • Automatically monitor OpenShift and Kubernetes containerized processes and apps
  • Real-time auto discovery and OneAgent injection of Docker and CRI-O containers without code or image changes- no developer involvement needed
  • Easily trace transactions across multi-cloud instances

OpenShift smartscape

DevOps Tool Chain

Supporting the DevOps tool chain

Maintaining developer choice of DevOps tools and application runtimes is a key tenet of OpenShift.

Dynatrace supports the broadest range of DevOps tool chain technologies to help teams accelerate release velocity while improving quality:

  • Wide integration with existing CI/CD tooling to shift quality checks to earlier in the pipeline
  • Faster feedback loops using AI-powered monitoring of key technical metrics throughout the development lifecycle
  • Enable autonomous cloud operations and self-healing

Dynatrace helps customers automate quality by building AI-powered quality gates along their pipeline to remediate problems early and allow release confidence that no bad code changes reach production.

Dynatrace is a G2 Leader in Container monitoring

Dynatrace has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. Dynatrace has the largest Market Presence and received the highest Satisfaction score among products in Container monitoring.

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G2 leader

"What really distinguishes Dynatrace from others is the use of AI-powered root-cause analysis. OpenShift is a platform to allow you to run decoupled services and applications, which can be a monitoring nightmare, but Dynatrace’s insights makes it less scary."

—Chris Morgan, Technical Director, OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat

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See what makes Dynatrace unique

  • Advanced observability

Intelligent observability

See it all in-context, including metrics, logs, traces, entity relationships, UX, behavior, and vulnerability scores.

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  • Continuous Automation

Continuous automation

Make it easy with automatic deploy, config, discovery, topology, performance, updates, and more.

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  • AI at the core


Free your time with precise answers for proactive problem resolution and performance improvements.

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  • Infinity

Cross-team collaboration

Eliminate silos and accelerate teamwork with a single source of truth for your Biz, Dev, Sec and Ops teams.

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User experience &
business analytics

Deliver remarkable experiences across every user journey and maximize business KPIs and revenue.

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Introducing Dynatrace OneAgent Operator

Dynatrace strives to automate as many routine customer tasks as possible. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Dynatrace OneAgent Operator.

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