Pivotal Cloud Foundry monitoring

"We have a very powerful engineering platform in Pivotal Cloud Foundry and a very powerful monitoring platform in Dynatrace and pairing them together has been tremendously beneficial to Humana."

-Bob Johnson, Technology Director Production Systems Management

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry requires a new approach to monitoring

Successful Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) adoption is key to your digital transformation. Monitoring your PCF environment as part of your enterprise cloud environment is more important than ever, but traditional monitoring tools simply won’t work. Here’s why:



of CIOs fear that IT complexity will make it impossible to effectively manage performance.



of CIOs say monitoring microservices in real-time is almost impossible.

User and business expectations


of CIOs say multi-cloud deployments make monitoring user experience difficult.

A Global CIO Report

CIO Report 2018: Speed of Innovation in the Cloud - Download Now

Spend your time innovating, not monitoring


Automate and modernize cloud operations.

Ensure Pivotal Cloud Foundry success while optimizing resources and rationalizing tools with automated, AI-powered monitoring.


Release better software faster.

Build an unbreakable delivery pipeline and enable self-healing, so you can focus on innovation, not troubleshooting.


Deliver unrivaled user experience.

Ensure perfect experiences by seeing every customer journey from their perspective, in context of your app and infrastructure performance.

The Dynatrace difference​

Dynatrace Traditional monitoring
Automated deployment via BOSH​

Fully automated monitoring for PCF, apps and infrastructure.

High fidelity data

Highest quality data, in context, at scale​.

Full stack with context​

Smartscape® real time topology mapping from apps to infrastructure​.


Causation-based answers & insights, not more data and charts requiring correlation​.

Common big data architecture

Same solution available as SaaS and Managed on-premise​.

Open APIs

For cross-cloud ecosystem automation​.

Dynatrace is built for multi-cloud and dynamic microservices.
Our software intelligence extends to every single one of your cloud platforms.

Monitoring PCF as part of your hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem

Dynatrace is purpose-built for dynamic enterprise cloud ecosystems, including extensive monitoring for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

  • Single view of applications and infrastructure across your entire PCF environment (PAS and PKS) and broader multi-cloud ecosystem
  • Automatic deployment and configuration via the Dynatrace BOSH add-on for full stack visibility with zero config real-time mapping across all components
  • AI-powered problem identification and root cause analytics, wherever a problem may occur
  • Billions of interdependencies mapped automatically across your complete environment

Container and microservices

Dynatrace scales automatically to 100k+ hosts out of the box, making it ideal for highly dynamic, multi-workload microservice architectures like Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

  • Automatically monitor PCF containerized processes and apps, whether using cf push to PAS or pre-containerized on PKS
  • Real-time auto discovery and OneAgent injection of PAS and PKS containers without code or image changes- no developer involvement needed
  • Easily trace transactions across multi-cloud PAS and PKS deployments

Web-scale and enterprise grade

Enterprise PCF environments are large and dynamic, and Dynatrace is designed for massive scalability while incorporating enterprise features like automation and AI, right out of the box.

  • OneAgent automated deployment and upgrades
  • AI continuously baselines performance and serves precise root causation
  • Automatic topology mapping in a dynamic environment
  • Web-scale without throttling capture
  • Management Zones allow for user and role-based access control to the monitoring details of specific clusters, hosts, services, and more

Dynatrace scales automatically for monitoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry environments

Cloud DevOps

Dynatrace helps DevOps teams accelerate velocity and improve quality, so they can release better software faster.

  • Wide integration with existing CI/CD tooling to shift quality checks to earlier in the pipeline
  • Faster feedback loops using AI-powered monitoring of key technical metrics throughout the development lifecycle
  • Enable autonomous cloud operations and self-healing


Dynatrace embraces the full DevOps tool chain

User experience and business analytics

Dynatrace helps organizations deliver unrivaled user experiences.

  • Capture every user session, and automatically detect user behavior, satisfaction, and business impact
  • Identify user sessions by ID and understand performance impact
  • Replay user behavior, usage, and journey mapping with Session Replay

Session replay


The root-cause-analysis capabilities in Dynatrace solve the new set of challenges that a cloud native microservices architecture creates.”
Joshua McKenty, VP at Pivotal

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