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Why companies choose Dynatrace to monitor their Cloud Foundry environments

Easy APM

Unmatched ease of use

Using our BOSH add-on to deploy the Dynatrace OneAgent brings full stack monitoring to your entire environment. Out of the box, Dynatrace continuously discovers all components, baselines them, and shows you all their dependencies. With automation and AI, Dynatrace makes monitoring Cloud Foundry much simpler than existing monitoring tools.


Run apps at scale

The Dynatrace OneAgent automates the monitoring of highly-scalable applications. Dynatrace’s all-in-one approach allows you to run more applications at scale, with fewer resources, via a single monitoring solution.

Root Cause Analysis

Find and fix problems fast

With AI-based root cause analysis, finding the cause of a performance issue in highly distributed microservice environments has never been easier. Proactively identify anomalies and lower mean time to repair by up to 95%. No more dashboard watching and no more war rooms!

“The root-cause-analysis capabilities in Dynatrace products solve the new set of challenges that a Cloud Native microservices architecture creates … Dynatrace operates at a level that provides true causation across containers, VMs, and data services - not just correlation of events and log streams. Combined with Dynatrace application monitoring, our customers will get root cause analysis with powerful monitoring of apps, containers and VMs under management.”

—Joshua McKenty, Senior Director, Global Ecosystem Engineering at Pivotal

Read how Dynatrace and Pivotal have teamed up to provide consistent, end-to-end support for building and delivering high-quality cloud-native applications.

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The secret sauce to automated full-stack monitoring - Dynatrace OneAgent

Dynatrace developed OneAgent to make deployment easy. Simply install a single agent only once per host to begin collecting all the relevant metrics of your environment.

Dynatrace OneAgent discovers all processes you have running on the host. OneAgent automatically activates instrumentation of deployed applications, including monitoring end-user experience in the browser. New applications and microservices get auto-instrumented on the fly. When your environment scales, Dynatrace automatically scales with it.

First fully automated full stack Cloud Foundry cluster health monitoring

Dynatrace is the first monitoring solution to provide full-stack insights into Cloud Foundry clusters — automatically and with no configuration. Deploy OneAgent to:

Customizable Dashboard View health metrics for each VM, including CPU usage, Disk IO, and Network IO.

Automatically monitor Cloud Foundry applications, down to the code and query level

Built-in auto-injection for Garden-runC containers enables the Dynatrace OneAgent to auto-detect each application that’s deployed to Cloud Foundry and automatically initiates deep application monitoring.

Code and Query level monitoring of Cloud Foundry.

Document Processing Solutions, Inc.

“We wanted a tool that could monitor our infrastructure, application, and real user experience–and provide deep dives, too. Not only is Dynatrace easy to use with its simple user interface, it was painless to install and begin monitoring our environment. We’re excited for what’s ahead on the Dynatrace roadmap!”
jambay @jambay

great real-world results from customers using @pivotalcf with @Dynatrace - BOSH has tremendous operations leverage

See the full picture of your Cloud Foundry environment in real-time

Smartscape application topology map.

Track application health, functionality and performance

With the cf push command, it’s never been easier to deploy apps. You need monitoring that can keep up with the speed, flexibility, and scalability of your Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS.

See response times

Speed up problem resolution with artificial intelligence

Dynatrace is the only solution with self-learning capabilities that understands your environment and uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint problems.

AI-based root cause analysis

Automatic distributed service tracing

In microservices environments — especially those deployed to Cloud Foundry — automatic distributed service-tracing is a powerful means of continuously and seamlessly tracking the health of the entire microservices architecture.

Automatic distributed service tracing.

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