Dynatrace and Microsoft Application Insights

Enterprise class application performance monitoring for Microsoft Azure

Develop with Application Insights

Microsoft Application Insights provides rich performance monitoring, powerful alerting, and easy-to-consume dashboards. It helps developers diagnose problems and understand how their app is performing from within the Visual Studio IDE. Out-of-the-box integrations with Visual Studio Team Services or GitHub gives developers the power to perfect quality and performance of their software early on.

Operate with Dynatrace

Did you know that the typical organization monitors no more than 5% of their apps for performance and availability? Why is that? Because it’s just too hard. There’s not enough time in the day or available manpower to monitor everything with the conventional tools available. This is where Dynatrace comes in. Highly automated, full stack and powered by artificial intelligence, Dynatrace was designed for today’s dynamic cloud applications.

Perfect partners with DevOps in mind

Microsoft Application Insights is built for developers and fully integrated with Visual Studio IDE. Dynatrace is the market-leading AI-powered monitoring solution for operating large scale dynamic cloud systems. Dynatrace and Application Insights are perfect partners with DevOps in mind. Deliver high quality code. Innovate faster. Excel in customer satisfaction.

Application Insights Dynatrace
Native integration into Visual Studio IDE
Customizable metrics for code performance tuning
Auto-injection and auto-instrumentation of .NET, .NET Core, Java, Node.js 1
1-click deployment of single agent per host for full stack visibility and user experience monitoring
Real-time discovery and visualization of application topologies enterprise-wide
Machine learning to detect anomalies and performance changes without manual configuration and baselining
AI automatically identifies single root cause in enterprise systems with millions of dependences
Built for DevOps & Continuous Delivery processes
Scalability to 100,000+ hosts in public, private and hybrid environments
100% technology coverage: cloud-native, enterprise technologies and packaged apps
User experience analytics: individual session visibility, web and mobile applications, all digital touchpoints

1 Auto-instrumentation for .NET and ASP.NET Core 2.0 only. Other technologies require SDK.

Dynatrace provides complete insight into Microsoft Azure
... and everything running on it

  • Easy Installation: Install the Dynatrace OneAgent with a single command using the Azure Portal extension. Instrument 1000+ hosts in a matter of a few hours.
  • Full Stack Auto-Discovery: Don’t bother with manual configuration. Dynatrace auto-discovers all the elements and dependencies in your infrastructure including hosts, services, processes, applications, and databases, so you have total monitoring coverage of all your systems and user transactions.
  • Code Maintenance and Coverage: The Dynatrace OneAgent monitors the performance of all your code without gaps, so you don’t need to re-instrument when you change or add source code.
  • Ease your migration into the cloud: Dynatrace lets you visualize your architecture and all dependencies (even into the millions) in an interactive blueprint called Smartscape®. New cloud instances are auto-discovered as they are spun up and down.
  • Real User Monitoring: Gain full visibility into customer experience across every digital transaction. No sampling of data, Dynatrace gives you a complete picture, from the frontend to the backend..
  • Auto-Determine Root Cause: Dynatrace uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine the root cause of problems within seconds, effectively eliminating late night war-room panic.
  • Easy Dashboards and Reporting: Dynatrace has easy to use pre-configured dashboards, alerting and reporting. Dynatrace is easily customized for different user preferences, including dev, ops, DBAs, and more.

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