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Using AI and automation to accelerate application workload adoption on Azure.

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Dynatrace is the trusted solution for monitoring Azure

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Azure monitoring screenshot
Azure monitoring screenshot

Monitoring Azure has never been easier

Monitor applications, clusters, and underlying cloud infrastructure health in Azure environments, in conjunction with and in context to your broader on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Dynatrace OneAgent automates deployment, configuration, and updates to remove all manual effort

Single view across your entire Azure environment and extended hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem

AI-powered problem identification and root cause analytics, including container-based applications

Scales across 100’s or 1,000’s of nodes and apps with ease

Successful Cloud Migration

Dynatrace ensures a successful cloud migration to Microsoft Azure by providing visibility into what exists and what needs to be moved so you can track your application architecture as it changes.

  • Auto-discovery, continuous dependency mapping and instant answers to automate your Azure ecosystem
  • Customers are not impacted during and post migration
  • Faster return on investment

See how Dynatrace provided Mitchells & Butlers with visibility while migrating to Microsoft Azure

Dynatrace cloudmigration

Hybrid Multi-Cloud: AI-powerd insights and actions

Dynatrace is purpose-built for enterprise cloud ecosystems.

  • Single view across your entire ecosystem – whether it’s hosted in Azure, hybrid, or multi-cloud
  • Automatic deployment, configuration, and intelligence
  • Integrated with metrics and metadata
  • Precise problem detection and root cause analytics, wherever a problem may occur

Dynatrace dashboard

Monitoring Containers: Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Automatically discover all containers running on Azure with a real-time view of all the connections between your containerized processes, hosts, and cloud instances.

  • Real-time auto discovery and OneAgent injection of Docker and AKS containers without code or image changes
  • Easily trace transactions across multi-cloud instances
  • Leverage Dynatrace OneAgent Operator to deploy the OneAgent onto Kubernetes nodes automatically

Dynatrace smartscape

Web-scale and enterprise grade-features

Dynatrace is purpose built for dynamic environments and can scale from a few hosts to 100k+ hosts out of the box while offering the capabilities that enterprise organization demand.

  • Web-scale without throttling data capture fidelity or introducing overhead
  • Better Together: Dynatrace with Azure DevOps Pipelines support autonomous cloud and self-healing
  • Management Zones with role and user-based access ensure the right teams have access to the correct answers at the right time

full automated, web scale, out of the box

Accelerate DevOps

Dynatrace helps DevOps teams accelerate building and running new cloud native apps, containerizing existing applications, and breaking down monolith applications into microservices

  • Development speed up new feature delivery through faster feedback on quality, performance, and scalability of deployments
  • Operations get the right intelligence to avoid outages and performance degradations
  • Business gain real time insights into user experience to make better decisions
  • Integrate with Azure DevOps to automate CI/CD



BARBRI moved our entire production environment into Azure, and Dynatrace gave me and my team the confidence to do that in an efficient and effective way.”
Mark Kaplan, Director IT at BARBRI

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  • Automated


Zero-touch configuration, continuous discovery and relationship mapping in real-time, instant answers and precise causation.

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  • full stack

Full Stack

Understand all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom, from end-user experience to infrastructure health.

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  • AIOps

AI at the core

Radically different open AI-engine, Davis, processes billions of dependencies for instantly precise answers beyond human capabilities.

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  • Web-scale


Scale-out cloud native architecture, role-based governance for large global teams, and automatic enterprise-wide deployment.

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