Optimize Your Delivery Pipeline with an AI-Driven DevOps Methodology

Scale continuous innovation with Dynatrace on AWS: shift-left quality, reduce lead time and increase flow. Dynatrace artificial intelligence autonomously detects performance and availability issues and pinpoints their root causes.

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Optimize Your Delivery Pipeline with an AI-Driven DevOps Methodology screenshot
Optimize Your Delivery Pipeline with an AI-Driven DevOps Methodology screenshot

Verizon Innovates Through AI-Driven DevOps with Dynatrace on AWS

In this webinar, speakers from Verizon, Dynatrace and AWS discuss how Verizon leveraged their services to completely revamp the speed and quality of their deliverables.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How Verizon was able to speed up build and test cycle times by 3x, in just 6 months
  • Best practices for implementing DevOps feedback loops through monitoring with Dynatrace on AWS
  • How Verizon leveraged Dynatrace to make their DevOps strategy proactive, rather than reactive


  • Anil Chintalapudi, Senior Technical Manager, Verizon
  • Michael Miller, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Andreas Grabner, DevOps Activist, Dynatrace

Watch the animated video to see what Dynatrace can do on AWS

  • Dynatrace covers the full stack: AWS infrastructure, applications, multiple datacenter and multiple AWS accounts
  • Deep integration of Amazon CloudWatch into AI engine
  • Reduces the time-to-problem-resolution through intelligent AI-driven root cause analysis
  • Deploys with zero configuration
  • Full scalability in dynamic environments through auto-discovery of new system components

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Dynatrace on AWS Marketplace

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