AWS PrivateLink for Dynatrace

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Dynatrace comes with out-of-the box support for AWS PrivateLink. PrivateLink improves the security and connectivity for customers running on AWS and hybrid cloud scenarios.

Dynatrace aws private link

Dynatrace is proud to be an Advanced Technology Partner

Dynatrace is advanced technology partner privatelink

What is AWS PrivateLink and how does it work

AWS PrivateLink lets you connect your applications directly to the Amazon VPC service, so that traffic never leaves the AWS cloud. You can use PrivateLink to connect your monitored hosts to the Dynatrace VPC endpoint. Dynatrace monitoring traffic is always encrypted and secure, yet PrivateLink provides even greater security, stable connectivity, and a reduction in traffic costs.

Our solution was validated through the AWS Service Ready Program to ensure customers Dynatrace has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

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Normally, visibility and security are at opposite ends of the spectrum; however, by using AWS PrivateLink combined with Dynatrace, we enjoy the best of both worlds
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Connect to Dynatrace using AWS PrivateLink

Privatelink option 1

Option 1: Customers can set up PrivateLink connectivity for Dynatrace monitored applications running in AWS VPCs

Privatelink option 2

Option 2: Customers can also use AWS VPCs for on-premise applications, provided that they use DirectConnect or VPN Gateway to connect their network to a VPC in a given region.

Getting started with PrivateLink is easy

Go to and refer to these step-by-step instructions to get started with Dynatrace and PrivateLink.

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