AWS Lambda monitoring and troubleshooting

Optimize application performance with AWS Lambda observability powered by AI and automation.

Dynatrace is proud to be an Advanced Technology Partner

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What is AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is one of the most popular serverless compute services in the market. Serverless functions help developers innovate faster, scale easier and reduce operational overhead, removing the burden of managing underlying infrastructure when updating and deploying code. Most enterprises use serverless functions as part of a broader hybrid environment, covering both cloud and traditional technologies.

Why end-to-end monitoring is especially important for AWS Lambda

If you are building applications based on Lambda or microservices architectures, you need full visibility into all tiers of your stack to help you:

  • Optimize response time hotspots
  • Optimize timing hotspots
  • Simplify error analytics
  • Understand and optimize your architecture

This will increase scalability, lower costs and improve the performance of your application.`

Automatic and intelligent end-to-end observability of AWS Lambda functions

  • Seamless end-to-end distributed tracing / visibility
  • Automatic observability and root cause analysis for DevOps, cloud and apps teams
  • Provides insights into how serverless functions are impacting customer facing applications
  • Purpose built with low overhead to detect functions with cold start.
  • Built for large enterprises in mind: highest, scalability, easiest manageability and unique support for access permissions
  • For more information, see Dynatrace extends distributed tracing for serverless on AWS Lambda.
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Dynatrace’s enhanced support for AWS Lambda enables us to be sure at all times that our AWS Lambda functions interact flawlessly with each other and the other services in our quickly evolving and expanding AWS environment.
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Dynatrace is proud to be an Advanced Technology Partner

Advanced Technology Partner
Apn service ready

As an AWS Service Ready Partner, AWS recommends Dynatrace to AWS customers based on technical validation by AWS Partner Solution Architects who reviewed product availability and architecture for the following services:

  • AWS Lambda for end-to-end distributed tracing across hybrid and multi-cloud environment
  • AWS PrivateLink for increased security
  • AWS RDS for visibility and understanding performance
  • Amazon Linux 2 for visibility and understanding performance
  • AWS Outposts for visibility at scale across on-prem and cloud as a single solution

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