AWS Outposts monitoring

Dynatrace offers deep visibility at scale for AWS hybrid clouds by providing seamless support across all AWS public regions and Outposts.

Dynatrace is the trusted solution for monitoring AWS Outposts.

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What is AWS Outposts?

AWS Outposts, fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks, bring native AWS services, infrastructure and operating models to any datacenter or on-premise facility. It allows customers to run compute and storage virtually anywhere, while seamlessly connecting to AWS' broad array of services in the cloud.

A truly consistent hybrid experience with a single solution

With a single platform, enterprises gain complete visibility and precise insights into the performance of applications running in AWS hybrid clouds.

View a real-time map of your applications, services, and AWS resources. See how components communicate with one another and understand if your architecture and environment are working as designed.

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Like the AWS cloud and Outposts, the Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform is designed from the ground-up for modern hybrid environments.
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Seamlessly monitor the full technology stack across AWS hybrid clouds

Dynatrace’s powerful AI-engine Davis®, automatically processes billions of dependences across AWS hybrid clouds to serve up precise answers. Enabled by Dynatrace OneAgent, which continuously auto-discovers AWS hybrid environments, and Smartscape’s dynamic topology mapping, customers benefit through faster decision making, greater optimization of IT resources, and better business outcomes.

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