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Moving to cloud gives companies access to technology that allows them to respond quickly to business opportunities, innovate faster, and be more competitive. Learn how to plan, execute and monitor your way to sustained cloud migration success!

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Plan better

Dynatrace shows you the way onwards and upwards in your cloud migration by automatically creating a dependency map of your entire stack on AWS, in just minutes.


Move faster

Get a real-time, full-stack picture of your application and components with Dynatrace’s multi-datacenter visibility and AI-powered engine, enabling you to have a clearer migration journey.


Operate simpler

Dynatrace gives you peace of mind after your migration is complete by automatically linking your application services before and after migration, simplifying and optimizing your operations.

Accelerate AWS cloud migrations

No matter if you are re-hosting, re-architecting or re-platforming, Dynatrace provides you with actionable insights every step of the way and helps to avoid the pitfalls that many organizations face through their cloud journey.

Assess - Understand your technology stack: Discover all your hosts, processes, services and technologies

Plan - Analyze your findings: Make architectural decisions and plan your migration

Migrate - Gain visibility into your hybrid cloud: Stay on top of things while you're running two versions of your infrastructure at the same time

Operate - Validate and operate: Ensure architectural integrity and enable autonomous cloud operations

Smartscape AWS,

Finding the right migration solutions

There are many solutions designed to streamline cloud migration and help you avoid common migration pitfalls that impact software quality and deployment time. While there are many basic solutions designed primarily for lift-and-shift migration, others offer more advanced capabilities, augmented by AI and advanced data analytics. These solutions can help you answer essential questions about your migration approach and the services you deploy:

  • Does the new system perform as expected?
  • Are the service flows working out as designed?
  • Does the system scale correctly?
  • Does it interact with other systems properly?
  • Has the user behavior changed (and in what way)?

Cloud migration fullstack

What to look out for in a cloud migration monitoring solution

  • Granularity and locality icon

Granularity and locality

Identify tightly coupled services and help architects decide if they need to combine two services into one or use platform mechanisms to guarantee co-location.

  • Remote function calls icon

Impacts of remote function calls

In-memory functions in monoliths turn into remote service calls in the cloud, so payloads need to include actual data versus only in-memory object references.

  • Network monitoring icon

Network monitoring

Although maintenance and administration requirements for physical network components are reduced in the cloud, virtual networks need more attention because they come with network and computing overhead.

  • Polyglot technologies icon

Polyglot technologies

Monitoring solutions need to be able to cover polyglot technologies and trace transactions across different technologies, including mobile front-ends, Node.js API gateways, Java or .NET backends, and MongoDB databases


Plan, Execute and Monitor Your Cloud Migration for Sustained Success

A step-by-step guide for your journey into the cloud.

Picking the right migration strategy is key to getting the very best out of the cloud. A smart approach ensures you can accelerate innovation, boost efficiency, and build competitive advantage.

This eBook explores the common approaches to cloud migration, help you start planning your own successful migration, and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls that many organisations face when they begin their cloud journey.

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Dynatrace is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

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