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Plan, execute and monitor your way to sustained cloud migration success

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Plan better

Dynatrace shows you the way onwards and upwards in your cloud migration by automatically creating a dependency map of your entire stack on AWS, in just minutes, providing you with actionable insights to better plan and control your journey.


Move faster

Get a real-time, full-stack picture of your application and components with Dynatrace’s multi-datacenter visibility and AI-powered engine, enabling you to have a clearer migration journey and reach your destination to the cloud faster.


Operate simpler

Dynatrace gives you peace of mind after your migration is complete by automatically linking your application services before and after migration, simplifying and optimizing your operations to ensure that your new environment meets service expectations.

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PayMaya's Migration Journey with AWS and Dynatrace


This webinar will guide you through PayMaya’s migration to a hybrid cloud architecture utilising AWS and on-premises environments in just 100 days. Learn how they:

  • Optimised performance of core applications to less than 1 second response time
  • Reduced manual discovery down from 1 day to minutes
  • Saved approximately 90 days on operational overheads for infrastructure management

We will also discuss cloud migration best practices using AWS and Dynatrace to help avoid the pitfalls that many organisations face through their cloud journey.

View detailed agenda here.

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Plan, Execute and Monitor Your Cloud Migration for Sustained Success


Picking the right migration strategy is key to getting the very best out of the cloud. A smart approach ensures you can accelerate innovation, boost efficiency, and build competitive advantage.

This eBook explores the common approaches to cloud migration, help you start planning your own successful migration, and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls that many organisations face when they begin their cloud journey.


Dynatrace is proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Dynatrace is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

AWS DevOps Competency
Dynatrace is one of the first companies to achieve Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Partner status.

AWS Migration Competency
The AWS Migration Competency recognizes partners with deep expertise helping businesses move successfully to the AWS Cloud.

AWS Container Competency
The AWS Container Competency recognizes AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners with a product or solution on AWS that offers support to run containers workloads

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