Dynatrace retail ecommerce

Dynatrace for retail and ecommerce

Delight your customers with flawless interactions at every touchpoint and increase brand value – all while optimizing operations.

Dynatrace has given us back so much time – we’re now able to truly focus on innovation and doing cool things, instead of worrying about monitoring and finding the root cause of performance problems.
Jay Cotton Kroger
Jay Cotton Performance Engineer Lead, Kroger

Boost profits and customer loyalty without overrunning costs

Adapt to constantly changing consumer behaviors and deliver exceptional user experiences, from product search to order placement and fulfillment, across any channel.

Here’s what you can do with Dynatrace:

Deliver superior customer experiences to foster loyalty

From clicks to conversions, in-store to web and mobile, understand the customer journey like never before. Personalize interactions while increasing revenue, conversions, and overall satisfaction.

User experience

Optimize spend and improve ROI by improving efficiencies

Reduce the cost of maintaining a reliable infrastructure, run lean inventory and warehouse management operations, and make informed sourcing decisions with up-to-date contextual analysis.

Teamwork 2

Increase agility and deliver innovation to stay ahead of the competition

Empower teams with precise, AI-powered answers and intelligent automation from a single source, so they can spend their time innovating instead of in firedrill-mode.

Deliver better customer experiences

Ensure a resilient supply chain by overcoming complexity and reducing cyber risk

Automate continuous discovery, proactive anomaly detection, and optimization across the software lifecycle to tame cloud complexity, while reducing costs and losses associated with breaches.

Keep critical services secure

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