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Are you ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season?

As retailers approach another peak shopping season, they’re seeing some shifts in consumer behavior. Not only are consumers increasingly prioritizing convenience over brand loyalty, but they also want different options of engagement across their buying experience.

The name of the game is flexibility balanced with resiliency, and retailers are aware that they need to adjust to these changes in customer behavior, while still driving efficient and secure operations.

With years of experience helping retailers face and successfully overcome some of their most daunting challenges in an ever evolving and complex landscape, Dynatrace has developed a guide to help you navigate the busiest shopping season of the year, delight your customers, and keep them for life.

In this guide, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • Reasons for performance challenges that retailers should be aware of during events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  • Vulnerability gaps due to an expanded supply chain, and how you can close them
  • The importance of a unified observability and security strategy to deliver exceptional and resilient omni-channel interactions

Download the Black Friday guide