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Black Friday 2022: Modern observability guide for retailers

As retailers approach another peak season, they need automatic, full-stack observability of their cloud infrastructure and applications to ensure application performance enhances customer experience.

That’s where modern observability transforms peak season performance. A modern observability platform can automatically identify peak traffic that may interfere with application speed and performance. A platform approach to observability can also identify potential application security issues that can threaten customer data.

In this guide, we are exploring the following topics:

  • Performance challenges for retailers during events such as Black Friday
  • How Black Friday may expose gaps in your vulnerability strategy
  • Survey results of the top challenges retail sector IT professionals face
  • How retailer Rack Room Shoes used Dynatrace to boost conversions by 25%

Download the Black Friday 2022 observability guide to discover how an automated modern observability platform can seamlessly deliver record transaction volume during peaks such as Black Friday and every day.

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